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A Dream of Retirement...finally Fulfilled.

A Dream of Retirement…finally Fulfilled.

It has been a tough closing for the prior year of 2012, as well as the beginning of 2013.  My wife and I retired from our insurance agency of 28 years at the end of 2012.  Our customers were more than dollar signs to us in earning a living…….they were family to us.  With many over a period of two months, did my wife and I share many tears of departure from our business relationship of so many years.  Removing all the signs of what was once our State Farm Insurance agency was equally difficult from the face of our owned commercial building on McDonald Street in McKinney, Texas.

The first day of the new year of 2013 we horribly lost to a defective Electrolux electric stove, two of our most previous processions, our two McGraw parrots of 24 and 17 years respectfully in Mickey and Minnie. Each day that goes by we both grieve at their loss.

At the end of December of 2012 we closed on a 29 acre farm in East Texas.  The sale and purchase closed a two-year search for the perfect property for our soon to be farm and winery in East Texas, and additionally will soon become our final primary retirement home.

As of yesterday after many weeks of brain storming and a week’s trip to UC of Davis in California to taking courses in starting a vineyard, I have created and posted the beginning of our Dream fulfillment on WordPress with another new blog that will render consistent postings on our progress in starting what we feel will be one of the finest vineyards, farms and winery’s in East Texas.

If you ever thought of having a small farm yourself or better yet have a vineyard of your own, check out our blog: http://silverstarwineryoftexas.com

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