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Romance, in its many forms, is truly a beautiful human thing. I always find myself going back to my old poetry postings on the subject and simply “Recalling” such times from my own life. Best to have Lived, then not Lived at All!

Texas Poetry

If you and I met at a different time in space and place
would we be more than people who passed formal greetings?
Would our eyes pierce the beauty of our souls
beyond the imperfections of flesh
to the heart of us?
In your eyes would I see more than me?
Would we know at that moment that something
wonderful was happening for you and me
at a time in starless memory?
Could we have been lovers
entwined in the depth of each other
warm and soft against the cold days of black nights
to rise together with joy and ecstasy?
Could we always have had a love
that had been one in unity for us?
The moment passes quickly.
My being reaches for that moment
it is already gone.

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