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Taken morning of October 20th, 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake in Gun Barrel City, Texas from the rear of our Lakehome “Oz.”
Between the split of a second 
stood the truth of time.                                                                               
A moment held so lovingly
with the slightest touch
ever fleeting in its hold of light.
The answer to all of this
was so clear and without question.
Everything made sense
every pain defined
every love understood.
Where there once was blackness
there was now the white of light.
“Oh,” came the answer.
“This is why,” said my mind of creation.
If I could just hold this longer
just maybe
it would stay forever
this joy
this warmth
this sheer laughter of soul.
I embrace thee
Oh fear with courage
prayer and hope
for this is where I belong
in the very depth of your love
in this eternity called us.

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This morning our prayers are with those who have been in the path of this massive storm.  We pray for the safety of all of you and your loved ones.

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The continued reminder that we must empower ourselves during breast cancer month. Did you know there is also an increase in breast cancer among men?

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I am very thankful to my Lord this Day. Thankful for the protection He has rendered my life. Thankful for the Wisdom He has brought me in spite of my subborn refusal of such at times. Thankful for the many beautiful friendships He has brought me from the most unexpected places in my life. Thank you Lord for this day and the opportunity to praise thy Name.

Texas Poetry


When such pain goes beyond

metal against metal

pushing and tearing

beyond the tolerances of strength.



Truly oh what passion

lies within thee

when finding release again

in one who will truly love you again

in the truth of their spirit and heart.


Heart be still

mind be of strength

love awaits.

This time to carry you beyond

the eternal doors of joy and happiness.

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I have found the perfect love in Jesus.

He redeemed me with His love

when I believed none was there.

As I left the earthbound

material things of this world

I was lifted up to the heavens.


Before me lay the gates of joy

covered with the tears of my redemption.

Awaiting my entrance were all the people

that I ever loved and deeply grieved their passage

from this earth.


Open arms did I find; hugs of love, was I given.

Upon entering those gates of joy

beyond sight and time

I saw a garden laid before me.


It was a garden of the trials and tribulations

of my life on earth.

They were but one small pea

compared to a field of His love.


I have found the perfect love in Jesus.

He redeemed me with His love

when I believed none was there.

Now I have been found.


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This is my third reposting of this site. The author and publisher of this WordPress Blog is truly a Brilliant writer.

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In a conversation with a dear friend recently I related these words to them as inspiration for their life. It is words that should be whispered in our inner minds and heart each moment of each day.

Texas Poetry

It is time to reflect on your life.
So you feel you have done a good job of being in control?
Did you ever believe that God had a plan for your life?
Were you too busy, too self-absorbed, too important
to listen to God’s whispers in your ear?
In comparing time in its length
which do you think is longer
eternity or the length of your own lifespan?
Has the thought ever entered your mind
that your Creator is not pleased with you?
Do you think today
would be a great day to change your life?
Are you ready today
to Let Go and Let God be in charge?

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Courtesy of the Deacon’s Bench

He was an independent contractor
He represented himself as a practicing Catholic.
Each Sunday with bowed head he received Communion.
Each week he would collect from his customers
payment for placing thousands of flyers
on doors of homes and apartments.
At the end of each week
he would dump a third of those flyers
in the local recycle center.
His explanation was that by being dishonest
with his customers
was the only way he could
make a profit and care for his family. 
It is my guess that he did not fully understand
the ten commandments.
Especially the commandment that said
“Thou Shall Not Steal.”
Practicing Catholics consider stealing
of this nature a mortal sin.
With such a sin on one’s soul
disqualifies them from taking Communion.
The thief must take Confession for this sin
prior to being able to take Communion.
The forgiveness was given with the words
“Go and sin no more.”
This individual repeated the same sin
week after week for fourteen years.
The sin was one
he rarely shared with a  priest
on a regular weekly confession.
In fact he rarely went to confession.
Yet each week he could be found
with head bent in prayer
after receiving that sacred host in communion.
You ask me how I was so aware
of this regular affront of God’s law.
You see the man observed
was my own Brother.
I am proud to say
that by his own example
it has now been
forty-nine years
since I have been a Catholic.

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A ship in the sea of life
riding each wave of life
seeking the warm sun of each day
the beauty of each dream as night falls
is never lost
as  it heads toward the curve
of each horizon.
Storms will blow
onward do we flow
in love and courage
by His hand.
Tomorrow brings the knowing in His love
the vastness of the ocean
is not so alone.
As long as we believe
we will never be alone
for His love
surpasses all of this
this and time beyond
this brief sea of life.          



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It is the twilight of my life.

It is a time that I wish to render a “Thank You”

to all those who have passed in my life

who rendered me genuine love and friendship.

To those who were there as friends

when I badly needed their encouragement

and their love.

Thank you for sharing your hearts and minds with me.

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