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It was sometime ago that a man
who I thought well of
praised a couple that are my sworn enemies.
He is a public official of many years in my community.
If he is like many politicians in my community
he will be shocked that I vote for his opponent this May.
One would think he would finally learn
after almost twenty-seven year in office
that one can not always walk the fence in politics.
So my once dear friend it would do good to remember
that when one’s sworn enemies are related by you
as your…….. good friends
you have now become…….no longer……..my friend.

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Taken morning of 5/30/2012 at 6:30 a.m. on Northwood Shores of Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas by John J. Rigo copyright 2012

This morning my eyes beheld ocean waves upon the morning sky.
The thought came to mind that it was an ocean from another world.
A preview of many that our Lord renders us each day.
Perhaps our concept of God is too small for our thoughts.
Perhaps our spirits have existed for thousands of light years.
In universes beyond our human comprehension. 
Was it the next world that my spirit will soon discover
upon an ocean scene in a morning sky?
What beauty
what adventures await us
in the many lives before us?
With my Lord at the helm of my ship
I only know that whatever voyage is before me
My Lord will bless and keep me safe. 

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If I could have been anything I could have been
I would have been a healer in my life.
The placing of my hands upon a sick individual
would bring a healing.
What a wonderful gift it would be
to see the blind have sight
the lame walk
the mentally ill be whole
any sickness
any stage of pending death
all would be healed
while saying a prayer
in the name of Jesus.
If I could have been anything in my life
I would have been a healer.
I would not ask for this gift for myself
but to render it all those loving individuals
that I meet each day
that truly love Jesus.
Lord grant me the gift of a healer
thru my deeds
thru my poetry words
thru my prayers.

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It is time to say goodbye.

I can see my sadness in your eyes.

Is this the goodbye kiss that will aways 

be in your memory?



Press closer to me

imprint my soul with your being.

Please do not look into my eyes

the sadness will always be there

until we are one again

in our happiness. 



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Above picture courtesy of txlady76.wordpress.com
Tears fall from my checks this day.
Tears for all the fallen soldiers of our land.
Tears for those who gave their all for our country.
These tears forever seal in eternity
the greatest gift they gave to protect us all.
God Bless and Protect our departed military men and woman
who rendered in their memorial of this day
their very lives for us.

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I have fought this battle before….. I lost.
It starts with those that are closest to us.
They remind us of our shortcomings
rather than our victories in life.
We fight but seem not to overcome
the weight that falls upon our spirit.
We cannot find anyone to reach out to.
Those that we thought cared about us or loved us
really are not sincere in their hearts.
We no longer live under illusions.
We feel that our life is over.
Our very breathing becomes heavy
the weight upon our lungs for air becomes heavier.
The battle for light begins.
We must reach again for the strength of our Lord.
We must armour ourselves.
Before us lays the battlefield.
Prepare for the good fight.

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What is this thing that cries out within me?
Is it a spirit that hungers for freedom?
“Freedom from what?” my mind asks in cold hard terms.
My life seems about things.
Things stack
things store away
a room full of things.
A bank acoount with growing numbers
but it seems
it is all about the balances.
I look into the mirror because they say
“Mirrors never lie”
What I see
is not
what I am.
I am like unto the spirit of youth
locked in a dark gray cell
listening to the sound of time on the clock
growing more loudly each day.
I find myself dancing alone at times.
I love what the sound of music does to my body.
I go back to that mirror
with sweat dripping down my face.
I am still puzzled by the face
that stares back at me.
There is a pleading look in my eyes.
They cry out,
“See me, see me
I am not dead!” 
A ghost I have become from growing older with time.
I move through my life
seemingly untouched by the sounds of laughter from my past.
The smells of loving sweat
the memory of gentle lips touching
the back of my neck.
I feel like my body
no longer remembers the joys of passion.
Yesterday I sat in a room noticing many things.
They were little things
but important things
that let the gift of beauty
be shared by one
such as me
hungry for their taste. 
The gentle curve to a neck
that seemed to never end.
The movement of material on a full soft breast
as the breath of the beholder
played with the movements.
Eyes with a color of the lightest blue
with mystery whirling within their depths
of thoughts yet unspoken or shared with anyone.
I heard that voice within me cry out
“See me, see me, I am not death, but alive!
Hear my cry
feel my need
I am alive!”
I left the room without a word.
There was a slight smile on my face toward you
as there was a similar smile on yours.
Silent thoughts unshared
upon our departure.
Two ships passing on a huge ocean
with a wave of the hand
toward each other
across desolate waves.
When will this voyage end?
What distant shores await each of us?


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“The gift is ourselves” line from poem, Amidst Series of Poetry Books by John J. Rigo

We only come this way…once
with only one gift
to give to others.
The gift is ourselves.
Without payment or reward
we give our all for some cause
more worthy than self.
What could be a finer or more treasured gift?
In giving we are passing on the greatest of gifts
which was taught by one
a very long time ago.
He gave His life to grant eternity for our souls.
His wonderful gift has neither equal nor comparison.
We can only try to reflect His treasure in our own human weakness
by trying to give the gift of our love to humanity.
True love in Jesus’s character
is unselfishly placing others
above ourselves. 

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Thru Seventy years of life on this world
there has been a few lessons of life
that were difficult to learn.
Knowing the difference
between true friendships and Fair Weather Friends
was one of the hardest lessons of all.
In  discovering that vast difference in friendships
I believe we live in a form of self-denial
in realizing the differences.
I am now painfully aware
that the best friends I ever had
are now long dead.
Thank you Lord
for being to me
the friend that no other is.
As my Father once related to me
“One could live a lifetime and be able to count
the true friends they would have had
on one hand.”
I have been blessed in my lifetime
to have had two of those real friends
with now my Lord
as my constant Third. 

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Somewhere you await for me.
You have awaited patiently in your life for me
as I have counted the years in waiting for you.
We are eternally connected.
Two halves to a whole waiting to be whole again.
Across the centuries we have waited.
We both knew the other was missing.
It was a empty place within
that could never be explained.
At times the shores between us seemed far.
Still my heart awaits.
Each second holds a cry of joy.
Knowing I soon will be with you again.
Eternity can be such a long time.
It has been so without you.
Hasten time
for my heart waits for you 
on a distant shore.

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