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Courtesy of lightofheaven.com

Courtesy of lightofheaven.com

I awoke as from my normal sleep
I had died in the night while asleep.
I had no fear
I was at peace.
My spiritual body no longer had pain
That nagging toothache was gone
I still had a body of sorts
It was pure energy ever-growing.
My field of vision was three sixty
not just forward and to the side.
I could see all around me.
I was in a land of beauty
that my former body
would not have been able to tolerate
the radiance of its sheer beauty
would have crashed a physical body. 
From afar a white silvery figure approached
It was my Lord in robes of flowing enegy.
His spiritual hand reached for mine.
With a gentle tug
He remarked,
“Come….we are going Home.” 

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