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I somehow lost Baby Jesus at Christmas.
I know they say Baby Jesus was born in September.
Still it never mattered to me.
Each Christmas I was filled with excitement of the news
of Baby Jesus’ birth.
That changed several years ago.
My family discovered a religion between Jewish
and something else.
They tend to make fun of the New Testament.
They say Jesus was just another man
like other famous men in the Bible.
I been a get alone in all of this.
Still in my heart
I know Baby Jesus came to save me.
Baby Jesus opened the gates of Heaven to all of us.
In my heart Baby Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
There was no Christmas tree at my home.
There were no lights upon my home.
No presents awaiting under a tree.
Still in my secret heart
I know Baby Jesus came for me.

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I found myself at the apex of my life.
It was not a twelve step program that entered my mind
but a way to seek “Forgiveness.”
The list was long
and difficult to put together.
Many of the names were from many years ago.
A great amount of time was spent in finding addresses.
Many of the people of the list
were long dead.
It was a form letter I composed.
It began, “This letter is written to ask for your forgiveness
for any hurtful thing said or done to you in our relationship.
Please accept my apology for such actions on my part.”
There is now a large pile of letters with stamps on them
awaiting in a box to be mailed.
Some will be returned “undelivered.”
A large number of my addresses will never respond. 
A few will write back simply saying that the apology is accepted.
A greater number will write back listing my sins upon them
and close with black bitterness in their closing written words.
Then there will those who are the exceptional of heart.
In their return letters
they will also accept responsibility for any hurts
brought to the prior relationship. 
There will be a wonderful result in sending these letters.
I did seek “Forgiveness.”
Whether is was given or not
is not important.
What will be important
I will then know
who my neighbors in heaven
will be.

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The Dark Angel will be overcomed.

Amidst us stands the Dark Angel
joyful at each victory gained against us.
A free will to choose Good or Evil
a gift from our Loving God
is a part of our daily struggles.
The weapons of the Dark One are many.
Darkness that covers our mind with sorrow
in our latter years
to place us in a void of hopelessness
and fear.
Lost of health
lost of loved ones
bringing doubt to our aging minds.
Are we to be snatched from His Love
at our Eleventh hour before death?
Render your darkness to God’s Love and Power.
The Lord will lift you above this Evil.
Never fear
never give in to distrust nor hate
in the darkness that attacks you.
The Dark One’s only reward in eternity is suffering
while yours will be in the Light of God’s Love forever.

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"A Haven of Hope" A Dream of a Homeless Shelter for Henderson County in Texas.

It can be a place of hope.
A shelter of caring love
and future dreams.
A second chance for many
and a third chance for others.
A shelter beyond just protection
against rain, wind, heat and cold.
A complex overcoming the appearance of lost hope.
Warm beds, class rooms and a library at its core
offering new lifetime friendships in a common bond.
A destination that never closes a door to those who leave.
Helping hands with hearts exposed
in words and deeds rendered
to those who were without hope.
Are we not as great
as the least among us?
A new start for children
for beatened mothers
for our lost warriors
returning from war.
A light burning ever so brightly
in showing all who come
that love is not only just a word.
The “Haven of Hope”
a diamond in our mist
shining ever so brightly.

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Courtesy of theestherchew.blogspot.com

There is a whole lot of fear out there.
Only with Courage can we overcome.
Being fearless in a frightened world
is within our daily prayers.
Let us not falter in our belief
in the Glory of God.
He will lead us to victory
in every battle.
Praise to our Lord
Glory in His Name.
An Eternity of Love
awaits for those
who believe. 

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Courtesy of eshpejt.com

There are enough Dip-Shits
and Selfish people in this world.
Their very acts of thougthless words
and deeds create the Depression of this earth.
Make a difference in your own community each day.
As much as you can
bring Joy and Laughter to your world.
Upon each person that you met each day
find something joyful, fun or good to say to them.
In so doing will you be bringing the Joy of God’ Love to all.

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I am glad I am here,
to remember you.
In recalling our time together
there were many joys.
There were also times of sorrow
we shared in those times.
We had something very special
in the friendship we shared.
It has been many years
since you passed on
still  I think of you
each day
and remember. 

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Courtesy AngelsByEve.com

It was one of those days that nothing seemed to be going right.

My mind filled with racing thoughts

going different ways

Questions, questions with seemly no answers

as I pushed through the crowd

of wherever I was going.


Suddenly  in my own world

I looked up

and there you were

passing me ever so quickly.

The smile that you gave me took my breath away.


A stranger’s smile in a maddening world. 

There was such kindness in that smile of yours.

The warmest of feelings overcame me.

Peace and Joy was brought to my racing heart.


Long after you were gone

I tried to remember

what you looked like.

Were your eyes Blue or Brown?

All that remained in my mind’s eye

was the memory of that very special and endearing smile.

A smile that brought a smile to my own lips.


With a nod of my head

I gave thanks and appreciation

for this gift from a stranger.


Long after this time

a strange thought came to my mind.

Could angels be walking this earth

to remind each of us

that love can be

the gift of  the day? 


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Courtesy of whowillyouserve.blogspot.com

It was a sad statement I hear that day.
It came from a friend of many years.
He is an educated individual with a Masters.
His statement was,
“I do not want to spend my eternity worshiping a God.”
He further explained he rather just die and be no more.
The thought came to me.
Why would one give up an eternity of joy?
Perhaps this attitude is one born of darkness
in avoiding the joys of life.
It was not surprising to me.
He is known to have a shitty attitude.
Who would want anyone
with this attitude for eternity?
I can only hope that God in His mercy
will not grant his soul
his fondest wish.

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"Your Little Green Friends"

One of my dearest friends from over thirty-five years ago was a gentleman by the name of Cliff Russell.  Cliff is dead now.  At that time he was the Father in a loving spirit that my real Father never was, between his drunken whisky binges.  One day while in my thirties I related to him my disappointment with an individual that I thought was a friend. 

Cliff had an easy way about him when he was offering advice. It was that “home-grown” attitude from being born and raised in Louisiana.  He related, “Johnny, let me show you, what your best friends in life look like.”  Slowly he withdrew from his pocket a roll of hundred dollar bills.  As the saying goes, “The roll was big enough to choke a horse.”  

Cliff went on to say, “This is your Little Green Friends. They will keep you warm when you are cold, cool when you are hot, and will buy you all the company, you will ever want, when you are lonely.”  To this day I have never forgotten one of the loving lessons given to me in my life from a dear, now departed friend.


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