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A New poem from Texas' Poet, John J. Rigo.  Picture courtesy of Google image search

A New poem from Texas’ Poet, John J. Rigo. Picture courtesy of Google image search

So, let me see if I understand this,
“When our memory goes, who we are, then goes?
There is something deeply heart-breaking about that.
How do we measure our progress as humans,
when our previous memories are no longer?
Are we truly blessed with an Eternal mind of Spirit,
where our memories are never lost?
How will our God judge us,
if there is no recall of our sins,
or our glories in His name?
Is this when trusting God is so important?
Trusting that He will return to us,
our precious memories of the gifts of this life?
I can only hope so.
For without my memories of you,
would this life seemed without purpose.

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Courtesy of jezebel.com

You can tell a lot about a person

in how they treat their dog.

I have hear that dog

cry out for her master

many a day

and nights.

She is about fifteen now.

She has endured tempertures in the teens

while being left outdoors.

She has swellered in heat above 100

while being left outdoors.

An electronic fence guards her escape from this prison.

The fence is in the front of the house

no less.

Many a morning does the smell of her poop

fill the air of their neighbor’s yard.

Her Master has been featured

in a well-known community magazine

hugging this dog no less. 

You sure can tell a lot about a person

in how they really treat their dog.

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Age seventeen, top row, third from left.

What time never erases
is memories of a first love.
A sweetness of innocence never regained again.
It was a brief five minutes that our eyes met that summer day.
I a young man with the blue uniform of a brand new Air Force Recruit.
Tall strong and youthful at seventeen
still in the midst of basic training at an Air Force Base.
You at sixteen with a beauty that was clear and eternal of the moment.
My bus was leaving,
the connection of our eyes was unmistakenable.
In just minutes we swore a forever love between us.
Truly that moment was a magic
that will never be again.
Two parts of a universe
meeting in a most unlikely place.
It has been fifty-one years since that meeting.
Still I remember you from time to time
in such vivid detail.
I wish you Love in the journey you took beyond
the days of our permanent separation
five years latter.
Was I then a vessel of a lost ship
for a very long time.
The haunting of a First Love
never leaves Love’s Way.

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What the average Pastor does to his/her church members.

The Blessing was laid before you.
Yet you were too blinded by your own magnificence
to see the light at your very feet. 
You felt your knowledge was beyond
mere mortals.
Your high learning
only brought before your brain
a blindness of thought.
The Sender of the Blessing
lowered His head in shame of you.
Your ultimate goal of life
was to carry His name
with a great pride.
Now you carry a deep shame.
As each week passes
the absence of the blessing
becomes more clear to others.
Fingers are pointed to your back
whispers made in a hush
as you pass. 
The sins of your ignorance
has now become clear to others.
Let it be known
that I forgive you
as I forgive the dog
which mistakenly pisses
on my leg.
I forgive you
as I forgive the ant
that bits my hand.
By your own ignorance
you have brought us a great blessing.
In spite of your own hurtful
and ungodly nature toward me.
The love of my life,
has only grown more stronger.
In the loving bond we carry
in the face of the stupidity
that you so well displayed.
We now will be the greater guardians
in the future
of the many blessings
that have been given to us.
Be assured in the future
that these blessings
will never be yours again.
Quote by John J. RIgo, Texas’ Commentator and Poet:  “The Worse of Religious Hypocrites, can be found in Pastors, within their own churches.”

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Courtesy photo by Pat Dollins. Taken at Treasure Hunters Roadshow in Placerville.

I tried to think of a gift
that would be special to you.
A gift of treasure that would endure
thru the days of our lifes.
Would gold and jewels
things that could rust
and turn to dust
in the sands of time
be such a gift?
I think not
for the earth holds many trinkets from the ages.
Trinkets buried deeply in the earth
long forgotten of their purpose.
Forgotten of the song they held so long ago.
I give thee my words of my heart
that are enclosed within the eternity of my soul.
Eternity with such a gift
that will go beyond the decaying trinkets of the earth.
If it is God’s will that death should temporary seperate us
this gift shall be my seal of love
to clothe you in the light of my love
and carry you forward to the day
we shall meet again in the eternity that is before us.
It will be a place without pain
hurt or further sorrow for us.
A place where we shall again open the seal of my love.
A place where we will laugh again in joy each day
in the wonder of our love.

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Poem "Passion" by John J. Rigo.  Image courtesy of Google Image search.

Poem “Passion” by John J. Rigo. Image courtesy of Google Image search.

Is not passion
part of being human
part of the eternal of all of us?
Burn on
those ancient memories of love
never lost
but remembered
in the heat of the mind
felt in the heart
living in the soul.
Let me live
knowing that once
or many times
was I truly loved.
Beyond all of this
to where there is a place
special to only us.
A place that my hand never feels alone.
My breast never aches for your touch.
My loins never feel the cold of night.
In that love that binds us
forever held in each other’s arms.
Through this time
forever in our one love
beyond end
forever to be always
you and me.

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John J. Rigo A/lC, Registry custodian, Cosmic Top Secret Registry for ICEDEFOR from June 62′ to June 63′

Your lips will move
and render me praise
this Memorial Day.
Yet the words you will speak
will not be from your heart.
You see
you are a Democratic Liberal.   
In your youth
you became a professional student
in order to avoid serving your country.
The truth is
you feel anyone who serves
is a fool.
You feel differently than my Father
in his own love of our country.
My Father came to his country,
at age sixteen
on a boat to Ellis Island
from Northern Italy.
My Father had three goals
they were to seek
“Honest work
learn to speak English
and to become,
an American citizen.”
My Father felt it was a privilege
to be an American Citizen
of this great nation.
Today I look about me
at the millions who came to my country
and without any desire
to seek honest work
or speak our language
or ever to become American citizens.
As head leader of our Nation
you travel the world
apologizing for the glory of our Nation.
To those who have worked hard
lived within their means
watch their own children serve our country;
you ask them to share their hard-earned living
with those
who hate our country
have no work ethic
nor honor toward others.
Your policies are destroying the fabric of our country.  
My fellow citizens
who I have served
with honor for my country
do not let this continue and happen to
our country.
Step up,
at the voting booth
this coming November in 2014.
“Let us take back our country,
from those who do not love her.”

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