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Our Vineyard "Silver Star Winery of Texas" coming into fruitation.  Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Our Vineyard “Stewart-Rigo Winery” coming into fruitation. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

New Sign for "Stewart-Rigo Winery" formerly "Silver Star Winery of Texas" copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

New Sign for “Stewart-Rigo Winery” formerly “Silver Star Winery of Texas” copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Commentary for January 5th:  They are called “Dream Thrasher’s,” perhaps at this stage of your life, you now recognize them.  They are the “losers” of the world.  They make fun of everything and everybody for they feel they are superior to everyone else.  In reviewing their lives they have “given nothing to humanity.”  Their lives in the majority of cases is a shambles in pointing to any relationship of worth, that actually worked.  Don’t let these individuals in your life, steal your dreams.  Be strong, be positive in the moving forward of your dreams and leave these individuals in the road of trash in life. 

Walk tenderly on my dreams

for my dreams are me
with my soul exposed.
Judge not
the worth of my hopes
nor the possibility of their reality. 
If you are without encouraging words
then seal your lips in speaking of my dreams.
Are we not without hope
when stripped of our dreams and aspirations?
Look to yourself and ask
when were your own dreams scattered against
the rocks of time?
Take not your anger
with yourself
against those
who still have hope.

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John J. Rigo A/lC, Registry custodian, Cosmic Top Secret Registry for ICEDEFOR from June 62′ to June 63′

Your lips will move
and render me praise
this Memorial Day.
Yet the words you will speak
will not be from your heart.
You see
you are a Democratic Liberal.   
In your youth
you became a professional student
in order to avoid serving your country.
The truth is
you feel anyone who serves
is a fool.
You feel differently than my Father
in his own love of our country.
My Father came to his country,
at age sixteen
on a boat to Ellis Island
from Northern Italy.
My Father had three goals
they were to seek
“Honest work
learn to speak English
and to become,
an American citizen.”
My Father felt it was a privilege
to be an American Citizen
of this great nation.
Today I look about me
at the millions who came to my country
and without any desire
to seek honest work
or speak our language
or ever to become American citizens.
As head leader of our Nation
you travel the world
apologizing for the glory of our Nation.
To those who have worked hard
lived within their means
watch their own children serve our country;
you ask them to share their hard-earned living
with those
who hate our country
have no work ethic
nor honor toward others.
Your policies are destroying the fabric of our country.  
My fellow citizens
who I have served
with honor for my country
do not let this continue and happen to
our country.
Step up,
at the voting booth
this coming November in 2014.
“Let us take back our country,
from those who do not love her.”

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