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When such pain goes beyond

metal against metal

pushing and tearing

beyond the tolerances of strength.



Truly oh what passion

lies within thee

when finding release again

in one who will truly love you again

in the truth of their spirit and heart.


Heart be still

mind be of strength

love awaits.

This time to carry you beyond

the eternal doors of joy and happiness.

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We at “Spirit Filled Poetry” from “Texas’ Poetry” are proud to announce the reaching of a landmark in our sites’ hits.  A few days ago, we hit the Sixteen Thousand Mark, a landmark counter for a WordPress site featuring poetry from a McKinney, Texas’ poet. Our thanks go out to all those who have particiapted with “positive” feedback to our site over the last year and a half.   

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I have walked through the waters of sorrow.
Tears, blocking the sun of day,
as I stumbled each step of the way.
My voice softened to a whisper of sound,
in calling my Lord.
I am weary from pushing these feet,
wanting to rest, but cannot.
Was the answer I seek finally before me?
It was only when I finally gave up on me,
and turned to thee, that the answer awaited me.
Only through sorrow and pain,
can we know what Jesus gave us through His death.
Death of the mind, death of desire, death of worldly want,
only then can we surrender to His will,
and give up our own,
do we find Him, in the midst of eternal love.
A garment of light to carry us forward,
so that we never will shed a tear again.  

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