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“Why do you stare at me?”

A Pear Tree am I
unchanged by the lost of a part of me.
I am the same
nothing has changed
there is just less of me.
Why do you stare a me
as you pass?
Am I so different then before?
I still smell the air
feel the sky
and warm myself in the sun of day
soak the rain of day
amidst the storms that roll into my horizon.
I still dream of dreams
yet to come
for I am and still am
the mighty Bradford Pear Tree of Club Lake Trail.
I was taller
fuller and prouder
than I am now
but still the Bradford Pear.
The tree you looked upon each day
with such pride.
Have I changed so much from those days
when you looked so lovingly at me?
The change came slowly over the years.
Worms chewed in the joy of my wood
seeking the essence of me.
I grew
but as each leaf fell
I became closer to my death.
The death of cut wood and broken twigs
laid upon a ground now unknown to me.
What changed me so quickly and without warning?
It was shortly after midnight
the storm came.
Wind tearing at the very soul of me.
Wind ripping my inner part out
to lay useless
and with only partial life upon the ground.
I am still the same
the Bradford Pear
I live
I breathe
I sun
even with fuller leaves
than before.
Should you now love me less
for not being as powerful
and mighty as before?
I love you no less
for you see
I am
and will always be 
your Bradford Pear Tree of Club Lake Trail. 

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