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“Praise and Glory to Yahweh My Lord and God’ Courtesy of allposters.com

Commentary for January 6th, 2015:  I know it is not right to feel a certain amount of joy when one who you knew was an enemy in your life falls on hard times or has great hardships in their lives.  Still, I have peace in knowing the “Pay-Back” of God,  far exceeds any human thing we can bring upon our enemies.  To those of you are such in my life, especially over the last year; keep in mind, this commentary and poem when it happens to you.  
I render praise to Yahweh my Lord and God.
He has relinquished all my enemies.
My camp was surrounded.
It seemed I was without hope.
My enemies brought false witness against me.
They cursed my name.  
A name of Praise given to me
by My Lord and God.
Each of my enemies were destroyed.
Their wealth was removed from their granaries.
There bodies were sickened with disease.
Their eyes locked into death before them. 
All Praise and Glory to Yahweh this day.
I see before me the beauty of a new day.
My enemies have become dust before me. 

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