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“A Haven of Hope” A Dream of a Homeless Shelter for Henderson County in Texas.

It can be a place of hope.
A shelter of caring love
and future dreams.
A second chance for many
and a third chance for others.
A shelter beyond just protection
against rain, wind, heat and cold.
A complex overcoming the appearance of lost hope.
Warm beds, class rooms and a library at its core
offering new lifetime friendships in a common bond.
A destination that never closes a door to those who leave.
Helping hands with hearts exposed
in words and deeds rendered
to those who were without hope.
Are we not as great
as the least among us?
A new start for children
for beatened mothers
for our lost warriors
returning from war.
A light burning ever so brightly
in showing all who come
that love is not only just a word.
The “Haven of Hope”
a diamond in our mist
shining ever so brightly.

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