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Dreams of Revelations

Dreams of Revelations

I awoke this morning
with the warmth, taste, and smell of my dreams
still lingering upon my body.
My lips were still moving in formed words
of forgiveness, on my part
with a request for forgiveness of those
whose warmth I felt upon me.
I awoke with a joy
and a sadness,
beyond words to describe.
I felt the need to tell of this dream
this past night.
It was a dream of forgiveness
forgiveness of the past.
A rejoining of old loves
long gone from today
but not forgotten.
The joy of reuniting was pure
and without hurt.
The embraces were real.
The words of happiness real.
There was no bitterness
other than the sweetness of memories from the past.
We had long forgiven each other
for our past hurts.
Hurts rendered
by our own lacking of thought.
The joy of the moment
was all that was important.
I fought to hold on to those moments.
I did not want to let them go.
Moments of love, happiness
revisited from days past.
Is this what love and happiness is all about
in its reincarnation from the past?
Is this what the past-over in death
to another life, is all about?
A new life with forgiveness
behind us, and only joy before us?
If it is so, then I face death with hope and joy.
No longer will I have
the dark fear that use to follow me.
Thank you Lord
for giving me insight this day
from the visits of my night.
I face this new day
seeking new signs
of my Lord’s Love for me. 

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