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Courtesy of vi.sualize.us

Courtesy of vi.sualize.us

Commentary:  Sunday, December 22nd, 2013, Rachael will be nineteen.  She is truly a beautiful young woman, whose beauty goes beyond her outer appearances.  Thank you for today’s special hug that you gave me.  Happy Birthday Rachael!
Her name was Rachael.
She could have easily passed
as my daughter.
I met her at a local restaurant.
She waited on our table.
My young past rushed in on me.
In my elder years of life
I now believe we can love
more than one woman
in a lifetime.
I met my childhood bride
when I was only 17
and she was 16.
It was my first weeks in
basic training in the Air Force.
We divorced a year after
I was honorably discharged
after four years of active duty.
We did not have any children
after two and half years of marriage.
Since then there have been
other woman in my life up
to the wonderful woman
I am married to today.
I have never had children of my own
in now what is my long and blessed life.
I think back many times today.
To those days in Savannah
and the children I never had.
Perhaps in a parallel universe
I am this day
hugging the daughter
I never had.
I can only hope so. 

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