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Courtesy of freerepublic.com

Courtesy of freerepublic.com

Have we become a nation of “Step-Down” citizen servers, rather than citizens willing to “Step-Up” and serve our Nation?  We are no longer safe as a nation because individually we are saying, “Let the other guy or gal do it.”  As we look about us after five years under President Obama and his Henchmen, we now can see what that attitude has created within the very structure of our Nation, a Nation quickly falling to becoming a Third World Power.

In five years under President Obama and the Democratic party, we have seen an administration that has sold out to the underworld in order to gather votes.  We have seen an Attorney General duplicate the attitude of President Obama in an attitude of a Dictator rather than a President.  We have seen our tax dollars furnish the Cartel fully automatic guns in order to gather huge sums of unaccounted for cash to further the purposes of re-electing Democratic candidates. 

We have seen over 68,000 criminal illegals released to our city streets across the country; all for the purpose of buying more Mexican votes for the Democratic Party. We have seen the greatest number of lies and decent come from President Obama in the last five years, destroying our economy, destroying our health care system, using Federal troops against lawful demonstrations, and over the last year a rash of unexplained killing shootings of innocent victims. 

It this a prelude of things to come?   We as a “Republican” Nation have allowed the Liberal Democratic party do this to our country, by our lack of the real motives of candidates in local city elections and our lack of passionate participation in national elections with our time and money.  We are now at the edge of a cliff into the darkness of a country turning from a “Republic” to a dictatorial government.  What will you do today, as a “Republican” to “Step-Up?”

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