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A beautiful day beckoned.
The sides of the hills were golden
with fields of grain. 
The Cypress trees were green
among great expanses of gleaming flat rocks.
An ideal day born for the enjoyment of the sun
and the wondrous words of the Master.
The crowd began to thin toward the afternoon sunset.
The Master was weary.
Many were the questions of the day.
The answers required much of His strength to loudly speak
the words of wisdom to the crowd. 
As the Master prepared to depart
a young man in the crowd shouted a question
in His direction.
The Master’s followers tried to quiet the man
to preserve their Lord‘s voice.
They knew He was exhausted from the
long day of preaching.
The young man shouted again,
“Master, what can I do in my life that would be
pleasing to my Lord and God?”
In hearing this question
the crowd stopped movement
in their departure.
The crowd turned as one toward
where the Master stood.
Raising up to His full height
the Master looked over the crowd
with the kindest of smiles and He said,
“The mirrors of your own souls are within the eyes of
your brothers and sisters.
If you see hunger in those eyes around you
break the bread and share it.
If you see sorrow
share your tears with your brethren.
If fear overcomes your neighbors
stand with them
for numbers overcome fear.
Above all of these
love your neighbor
as you love your children.
My love protects your brethren
as it protects you.
This sharing of your love in my Father’s name
will be pleasing to your Lord and God.
In this sharing of your love without reserve
without reward
without a counting
will you be given
the glories of eternity.”
These words were spoken this day 
by the Master of my life.

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