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“Oh where Oh where has my young bride gone?”

We will not walk these hollowed halls again.
That is why we must always live in the moment.
Memories will replace those moments.
Embrace Love when it is within your reach.
Remember to always render appreciation for Love.
It’s moments are forever fleeing in the passing of time.
Moments that become more foggy and misty in time. 
Feelings are pictures of those times
that special look
that only a first love gives.
The burning embrace of passionate love.
The comfort of awaking from a deep sleep
from a night of close spooning.
Dancing together as one
in that one special evening.
To have loved
to been loved
that is the greatest gift of all.
Best to have had the memory
to shed a tear upon
then none at all.
Thank you Lord
for rendering me another day
to Love again.

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