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Without a real count I would guess there are thousands of so called “Reblog-Reblogger Sites on WordPress.” From my own past experience, many of them are done strickly for a numbers game where the orginator can quickly quote that they do 300-400 day. It is strickly a punch, pick, reblog operation with no real thought to a continuance of creative thought. This site is different, what I have read thus far shows great thought and a sensible parade of thoughts and postings on what is really happening to the world today. It takes courage to read on, because what is read is damm scary. The words between each posting ring on….Prepare…..Prepare…..Prepare….Prepare to die in defending what was once our great nation from the deception of Obama and his band of thugs.

Chastisement 2014

De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar

Michael Snyder
Economic Collapse
May 14, 2014
Is the petrodollar monopoly about to be shattered? When U.S. politicians started slapping economic sanctions on Russia, they probably never even imagined that there might be serious consequences for the United States.
But now the Russian media is reporting that the Russian Ministry of Finance is getting ready to pull the trigger on a “de-dollarization” plan. For decades, virtually all oil and natural gas around the world has been bought and sold for U.S. dollars. As I will explain below, this has been a massive advantage for the U.S. economy. In recent years, there have been rumblings by nations such as Russia and China about the need to change to a new system, but nobody has really had a big reason to upset the status quo. However, that has…

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