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Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

There was a certain grace to the look of him facing death.
He did not seem to have succumbed to the idea of dying.
He stood tall and proud with a direct look into your eyes.
His bearing, his eyes, said many things.
His eyes said he had lived a life of honor
and without shame
as to who
and what he was
as a person.
If he was guilty of any deep emotion
it was to have loved too much.
He had loved many in his life
giving all he had to give
to each relationship
without a reserve held.
He was always the one hurt
the deepest in the leaving.
If you ever knew him
you would never forget him
whether for a few minutes or several years
in the sharing part of a day with him.
He lived as a man
protecting the ones he loved.
He loved in the best of circumstances.
He loved in the worst of circumstances.
I am glad I got to know him on a personal level.
There were days of doubt in knowing this person.
“Yes” as one said about him in a dissenting way
“He always came out smelling like a rose.”
 You ask, “How did I know this man so well?”
It was easy knowing him
for you see
he was me. 

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