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Losing a dear friend is always a very sad thing; having that lost happen during the Christmas season is especially sad (Sam passed away on December 15th, 2008).  To me, Sam Shields was a very special individual, and I will miss him very much.  Following is a link to his memorial site:  http://obit.baue.com/obitdisplay.html?id=613556&listing=Current

Sam was a beautiful man.
A man of presence,
standing six foot five,
at over two hundred and fifty pounds.
He had the gentle qualities of a Teddy Bear.
I never remember Sam being anything but,
warm, generous, with words of kindness,
on every occasion we were together.
If I could have had someone to pick,
as an older brother,
I would have picked Sam.
Sam died suddenly from a massive stroke.
The doctors said his life could have been saved,
but he would have been a total vegetable.
I know Sam would not have wanted that. 
Sam had been an engineer with Boeing
for forty-six years.
He never spoke of what kind of work he did.
He would laughingly say, “If I told you, I then
would have to kill you.”
I am going to miss Sam terribly.
They do not make men,
like him,

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Chains of sorrow upon my neck,
reaching for the ones I knew,
unable to touch.
A slight breath of air,
words spoken, but not heard.
My world is full of “If I could’s,”
no clock to turn back on my regrets.
I offer only a prayer to my unseen God
to let this end.
I say to you,
there is no time left
but the time of this moment.
Time to forgive,
time to say, “I love you.”
Time to give of yourself,
for all that you could have done,
with this precious thing called Life.
In so doing, perhaps you not also be,
on this ghostly path,
that may never end for me.

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