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"A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas, copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas' Commentator.  Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

“A Negative Experience with UPS delivery services in East Texas,”  copyright 2015 by John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator. Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

Update for January 25th, 2015:  At the end of this post you will find the whole story as I recently related it by e-mail to the Police Chief of Gun Barrel City, Texas.  In his reply his stance was to also contact the UPS Corporate Offices in Atlanta, as well as the supervisors of the Mesquite Customer Center in Mesquite, Texas on the proper way to address servicing customers on private property.  It was not long ago that Gun Barrel City, Texas passed a ordiances permitting anyone without a criminal history or history of mental sickness to have a handgun in their homes in the Gun Barrel City area of Texas. 

Update for January 19th, 2015 at 5:31 p.m. Central Time:  As a young man I worked for a man by the name of W.O. Bankston.  Mr. Bankston in his day was a multimillionaire who owned many auto dealerships in the Dallas area.  One of his favorite sayings was “A Fish Stinks from the Head Down, ” I found this to be so in a follow-up call to Ms. Terry Miller, 404-828-4900, a so-called Upper Management Public Relations Supervisor with UPS out of the Atlanta office.  In my prior call, I quickly found out she was blowing smoke up my A _ _ in my prior call to her.  She no more contacted “Upper Management” of UPS than the “Man in the Moon.”  All she did was flip me off to a so-called supervisor out of the Mesquite Customer Center in Texas who called me early this morning.  The voice mail she left indicated a black woman of lower education who was not even qualified to pronounce her name, much less leave an accurate phone number on my voice mail for recontact.  My conclusion:  The whole organization “Sucks” from the Corporate Heads Down!   

Commentary Update for January 15th, 2015 at 3:03 p.m. Central Time:  I am proud to relate after dozens of phone calls to various phone numbers of UPs at both Corporate level and specifically their operations in Mesquite, Texas including dozens of e-mails, chat conversations, I was able to reach a Senior Higher Management person at Corporate level out of Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Terry Miller, 404-828-4900.  Our two incidents with two UPS delivery persons, a male and female and the threats from upper management of their Mesquite location in Texas, this matter is now being turned over the Senior High Level Management Team of UPS at the corporate level.  Hopefully this result in the removing of the “blackening of our reputations,” make huge changes in the training of UPS delivery Personnel as well as the termination of many high-ranking supervisors out of their Mesquite Processing Location in Texas.   

Thru a serious of incidents with the UPS delivery personnel in the Gun Barrel City area of Texas, it has come to my belief that the major Processing Center of the Mesquite Customer Service Center ( 4200 Samuell Blvd.) in Texas is filled with “Thugs and Thieves.”  A simple on-line Google Search will prove out the majority of my statement with hundreds of complaints posted and filed against the UPS operation nationwide (http://www.consumeraffairs.com/delivery/united_parcel_service.htm) with  a special revelation of  a series of incidents that occurred with my own package delivery service with UPS in the Gun Barrel City area of East Texas.  You the reader will agree in the end with my conclusion that we as citizens in East Texas need to further change or get rid of the UPS package delivery service in East Texas by “non-support of its citizens.”  More to follow on this story in the coming days.  For further insight into the UPS operation following is another 180 plus complaints to read, including my own: http://atichris.com/344/did-ups-intentionally-delay-my-package/

Details of e-mail to Chief Bosell of Gun Barrel Police Department in Gun Barrel City in Texas dated Saturday, January 17th, 2015 at 10:21:13 Central Time:

Good Morning Chief Bosell,

This e-mail is sent in regards to an incident that occurred at our lake front home in Gun Barrel City, Texas on January 7th, 2015.  The bottom line is basically, two UPS delivery personnel “attacked” the front door of our home on said morning, attempting to get a signature and inspection of a damaged package that was sent to us “Three weeks Prior.”

Their approach to the door was unprofessional in every way.  They both sacred the daylights out of both my wife and I, making us fearful that our door was being attacked for a daytime robbery and break-in.  They have since filed false narratives as to what actually happened to the UPS Processing Center in Mesquite, Texas and currently have managed “to block our home from further UPS deliveries to our home at 104 The Lee Way in Gun Barrel City, Texas,” while we are in the process of remodeling our farm and ranch and future vineyard in Eustace, Texas, as soon, our permanent home.  We do plan on keeping our lake home for friends, relative visits and our own pleasure over the weekends. 

Currently this incident is under investigation by the Upper Management Team out of Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  Contact person being a Ms. Terry Miller, upper manager of the Relations Team: contact 404-828-4900.  Since the incident, the original shipper Build-a-Sign.com is also aware of the incident and are investigating.

With over fifty years of experience in sales and management training as a corporate consultant in a part of my career prior to retiring from our State Farm Insurance Agency of 28 years in McKinney, Texas, I am fully trained and skilled in the proper way that service providers should approach a consumer’s door at their home.  I have since sent the following link: http://wp.me/pJppN-6pY to UPS Corporate headquarters with a training blog on the proper way to approach a consumer door with services. 

With daylight robberies on the rise, service providers with false uniforms for purposes of crime, this is an important issue that needs to be addressed with UPS Corporate, as well as their major Processing Center in Mesquite, Texas.

I respectfully request that you follow-up my training request both UPS Corporate and their Mesquite Processing Center with a request on the part of the citizens of Gun Barrel City,  for UPS delivery personnel respect the safety of its citizens in assuring the proper way to enter private property in the City of Gun Barrel City, Texas.  My advance thanks and appreciation for your positive action in this matter, I remain

Respectfully Yours,

John J. Rigo

104 The Lee Way

Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156


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