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Mother’s Day brings many thoughts and memories to me.
The Bible relates to honor our Mothers.
It should also relate that Mothers should
honor their children.
I recall my Mother
as a hurtful abusive Mother.
In today’s standards
she would have been placed in prison
for her child abuse to both
myself and my brother.
When I was a child of eight
she hit me square in the face
with a full unopened can of beer.
It placed a blood blister on my upper lip
as well as broke in half a front tooth.
She laughed when I cried out in fear and pain.
I carried those scars till they
were repaired in my mid 40’s.
The abuse of our childhoods
also turned my brother
into a thug.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
I have no doubt
that you might be burning….
in Hell!

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