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"Bundled Love Cards from the Past" copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

“Bundled Love Cards from the Past” copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

They were bundled greeting cards from the past.
They were behind some books in our library.
We were in the process of removing the books.
Our home was sold and we were moving.
My wife handled them with grace in finding them.
They were “Love Cards” from an old love in 84′.
Addressed to Johnny Rigo at Lone Star Cadillac.
A Cadillac dealership I worked for almost two years.
The dealership which was downtown Dallas
moved to Garland and was sold many years latter.
The head of the DeSanders family long dead.
His son hated the car business. 
As I set the cards aside without immediately reading them.
My wife remarked that she was happy that there was someone
who loved me then and took care of me with affection and comfort.
It was a stage of my life in 84′ after a seperation of a marriage
of 14 years and the responsibility of raising three step-children.
I hesitated to read the cards.
They sat on a night stand at our home
for a long time with a rubber band around them.
The cards spoke to me softly from their perch
saying, “Read us and Remember.” 
I reached for the cards and started reading.
Memories of you started flooding my mind.
Each of the cards were from you.
Each with a message of love from you.
I remembered you walking by my desk window
each day and watching the wind blow your dress
above your beautiful legs.
You waved and smiled a “Hello” each time you passed.
I finally found the courage to step out-door one day to speak to you
as you were getting ready to walk again by my window on Ross Avenue.
With my words of laughter that it was time to officially met.
I knew at “first verbal and eye to eye contact”
it was an immediate love connection for the both of us.
It was great loving you.
It was wonderful for us to sleep together whenever we could.
We were child-like in our discovering each other.
Deep within me I knew that we would never be permanent.
I remember breaking your heart one day.
Your tears for two hours on my answering machine.
You quite your job packed your bags and left town forever.
Today I am with the woman of my dreams.
We have been together now twenty-five years.
Every dream we have ever had together
we are accomplishing each day in the love we share.
I have you to thank for that
for you see
you taught me
how to love again. 

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