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“Parked in Doctor’s Slot at Cancer Treatment Center”

She is a two-time breast cancer survivor.
This dreaded disease lingers over her life each day.
Now in her senior years
she faces the lost of dear friends each day.
Each death of a friend by cancer brings back the fear to her.
Each similar pain suffered by cancer 
when shared by those who passed on
brings the horror that this may be a return
of the dark horror.
Her anger with the medical profession increases each day.
Billions of dollars have been spent in research over the years
yet the treatments are as backward as cave times.
Parked in the Doctors Slot of the cancer treatment center
is a Rolls Silver Cloud Convertible.
Its shiny green color
speaks of the monies that were drained from her body
as the fluid of death was put into her veins.
Cannot this horror of death
be destroyed
that takes us from our loved ones?

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