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Courtesy of lifeas5.com…… “Looking Back at our Journey”

One can not have lived close
to three-quarters of a century 
without looking back.
On this day I found myself looking back
at my own journey.
I believe no human can have lived a full life
without regrets.
There is a certain unfairness to life.
Wisdom seems to be the gift of the elderly.
It seemed lost to me in my own youth.
I am not proud to reveal
that I have known many woman in my life.
Many of them I did love
in my youthful way.
As I recall them in my own life
I look upon them
in my memories
with a giving and gentle heart.
I have learned in life 
we will only have one true love.
A love that accepted us
as we were.
Loved us totally
without a reserve held.
If we let that person
slip thru our fingers
it becomes a sorrow………….
we will always carry.
It is down the road that
our lack of wisdom becomes
clear to us in our choices in life.
Wherever you may be my Love
this day
know that I still Love you
in my heart and mind.
I wish you
from a far-away shore.

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