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Jane Parrish, The Venus Apartments, Oak Cliff, 1965 Courtesy of blog.alexwaterhousehayward.com

It was about two years after we broke up that I learned Jane Parrish had died in an auto accident.  This poem is dedicated to her memory.
I awoke this morning with a start.
I had no thought of her
or dream of her for that matter
in over forty-five years.
We were to met again
in the dream.
I was nervous and fearful in seeing her again.
Within the dream I realized she truly was my first love
in discovering passion in my being with a woman.
I guess I had blocked her from my mind
all these years.
As I waited to see her again
I recalled all those nights of long ago
that sweating love making with her.
It was Summer when we met.
Even with the air conditioning at full blast
we both sweated profusely in love making. 
She was as tall as me at six feet
blond blue-eyed with beautiful fair skin.
During the time we were together
I could not believe that I was so blessed
in being loved by a woman like that. 
I do not know what I did
to lose her love for me.
I am sure
I also blocked that from my mind.
In the dream
we sat across from each other
moving our lips
but unable to form words
at the sight of each other.
We knew.
We felt the surge of our old passions
for each other.
There was nothing to forgive
between us.
There was
only the love to remember
between the both of us.
It was such a great dream.
Loved with such passion
is such a gift to us in our lives.
I awoke from the dream
with tears in my eyes.    

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