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"A Sunrise each morning at Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas,  reminds me of all the blessings the Lord has rendered me." copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

“A Sunrise each morning at Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas, reminds me of all the blessings the Lord has rendered me.” copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

The future of Cedar Creek Lake and the course of leadership in its surrounding communities will be greatly important to all of us that call this lake our home.  With droughts occurring more often in the area, we as a community need to question the course of our current leadership in its goal of being a resort community

The damages to our economy by sharing of our lake with the Tarrant County Water District need to be put into question after 45 years that the water that touches our shores is sold and shipped to Tarrant county and other buyers of the water in Texas.  It is a proven fact that so-called controlled watering of local properties  by the Tarrant County Water District surrounding the lake effect lake levels less than a percentage of one percent. 

The rate of the selling of said water by Tarrant county far outstrips any rains the area receives. The end result is waterfront properties that become worthless and business that depend on tourism, are failing at a rapid rate in the area. Issues of eminent domain on the parts of all the countries that touch this lake locally, need to be addressed in a legal perspective in thinking “outside the box” in the control of Cedar Creek Lake, as well as the sharing of its financial resources.  A “Fair balance” needs to be established between property owners around the lake, as well as the Tarrant County Water District.

A group of concerned property owners as well as business owners surrounding the three hundred miles of shoreline on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas needs to be formed to shape the future of our community.  It will take creative planning and intelligent goal setting to release the area from the bondage of the Tarrant County Water District with keen insights to all aspects of the rights of property and business owners who own property on the waterfront of this lake.

If you fall into this category of concern for your home and business and wish to be part of this citizen group contact John J. Rigo at texascommentator@hotmail.com.  The future of Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas starts today.  A passing note:  I have no desire to head-up such a group.  I would consider being in an advisor capacity only.  Some folks do well in politics and as a community activist. 

That is not the case for me since I am in your-face-kind-of-man who does not tolerate “self-servers” very well.  Included in that category are city managers with private bathrooms in their city office and pay checks exceeding over $140,000 a year and whose word is “worthless” in keeping their promises to property owners on Cedar Creek lake when it comes to code violations. 


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The following Reblog comes from one of my favorite followers on my spiritfilled poetry site. It is not a casual read but a review several times of its contents. It renders a world view of what we can expect in 2014 which to say is very scary is an understandment.


Optimism is good and can often preserve sanity. However, excessive optimism led to disappointment in 2013 and worse seems likely in 2014.

There are plenty of clowns, many of them in Washington. They are funny in weird ways but the giggles they produce suggest derision rather than pleasure.


Political correctness = ideologically mandated conformity

A&E’s recent spasm of sanity was most likely due to its recognition of an impending reduction in its all-important bottom line. Accordingly, it decreed a temporary halt to that effort to mandate political correctness. It was only one battle and many more continue. What other forces of political correctness have decreed comparable halts? None of which I am aware. Demands for ideological conformity continue unabated lest the ideologically favored be offended with unpleasant — sometimes far worse than merely unpleasant — consequences. 

Multicultural aspects of political correctnes that cover for Islam are the most destructive, current…

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A Commentary by John J. Rigo in the Blessings of a full life. Copyright 2013 John J. Rigo

A Commentary by John J. Rigo in the Blessings of a full life. Copyright 2013 John J. Rigo

My wife is a meticulous housekeeper.  It is a huge challenge at present.  We are blessed in now having three homes and one commercial property to keep up while we are in the process of “down sizing,” and planning for what we hope will be our long-term retirement.

I shot this picture early this morning with my Samsung Smartphone.  It is a picture of the fireplace in our lake home in Gun Barrel City, Texas. I felt a sense of beauty with the lone web extending to the tip of the candle holder.  Even my wife got humor when I pointed it out and did not say, “Oh My God, I need to clean this place.”  We both were thankful for our full and busy life with our “projects” and I especially, with my “Honey-Do List.”  Blessings this day to my WordPress family in their celebration of this coming Thanksgiving holiday.

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Jane Parrish, The Venus Apartments, Oak Cliff, 1965 Courtesy of blog.alexwaterhousehayward.com

It was about two years after we broke up that I learned Jane Parrish had died in an auto accident.  This poem is dedicated to her memory.
I awoke this morning with a start.
I had no thought of her
or dream of her for that matter
in over forty-five years.
We were to met again
in the dream.
I was nervous and fearful in seeing her again.
Within the dream I realized she truly was my first love
in discovering passion in my being with a woman.
I guess I had blocked her from my mind
all these years.
As I waited to see her again
I recalled all those nights of long ago
that sweating love making with her.
It was Summer when we met.
Even with the air conditioning at full blast
we both sweated profusely in love making. 
She was as tall as me at six feet
blond blue-eyed with beautiful fair skin.
During the time we were together
I could not believe that I was so blessed
in being loved by a woman like that. 
I do not know what I did
to lose her love for me.
I am sure
I also blocked that from my mind.
In the dream
we sat across from each other
moving our lips
but unable to form words
at the sight of each other.
We knew.
We felt the surge of our old passions
for each other.
There was nothing to forgive
between us.
There was
only the love to remember
between the both of us.
It was such a great dream.
Loved with such passion
is such a gift to us in our lives.
I awoke from the dream
with tears in my eyes.    

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