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Courtesy of nurpublishers.com

Courtesy of nurpublishers.com

One day

We will walk the path of light.

Unsure if our Lord will be pleased with us.

Will we be met with an embrace of Love

or will we see disappointment in the Face of our Saviour?

Least we forget the gifts of our Lord.

Will we be judged

on how we shared His gifts?

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Courtesy of focusorlando.org Many so called "Friends in Life are really wolves in Sheep's Clothing."  Beware of those "I Love You's from Friends.

Courtesy of focusorlando.org
Many so called “Friends in Life are really wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.” Beware of those “I Love You’s” from Friends.

Lately I have noticed more than ever
how often people use the words
“I Love You” more carelessly.
Simply sharing the words
in their minds makes them
feel good about themselves.
The words themselves should carry
more meaning in speaking them
than the reality of the real emotions
of the speaker.
When relating those words to another
it should also mean that “I am loyal to you.”
The words should relate that “I would never
say anything out of your presence about you,
that would be hurtful if said it to your face.”
Friendships should not be about gain
of one from another.
Friendships should be about
an “Honest” sharing of Love.
So on this day
of the few allotted to us
think carefully become using
the words “I Love You” to a friend.
The question here is
“Are you also worthy of Love?”  

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As of October 27th, 2013, the “Texas‘ Poetry Site” reached another milestone of 42,000 plus hits.  My deepest thanks and appreciation to the WordPress family, and all those who share my spiritual poetry work, as well as my Texas’ Commentary posts regarding my new communities in Henderson County, Texas, Eustace, Texas, Gun Barrel City, Texas and the Nation. 

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Taken morning of October 20th, 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake in Gun Barrel City, Texas from the rear of our Lakehome “Oz.”
Between the split of a second 
stood the truth of time.                                                                               
A moment held so lovingly
with the slightest touch
ever fleeting in its hold of light.
The answer to all of this
was so clear and without question.
Everything made sense
every pain defined
every love understood.
Where there once was blackness
there was now the white of light.
“Oh,” came the answer.
“This is why,” said my mind of creation.
If I could just hold this longer
just maybe
it would stay forever
this joy
this warmth
this sheer laughter of soul.
I embrace thee
Oh fear with courage
prayer and hope
for this is where I belong
in the very depth of your love
in this eternity called us.

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A Special “Thank You” to Reynolds of New York in the assisting in the accomplishment of our Second Place in the Annual Kaufman County Hay Show for 2013.

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Knowledge is power when it comes to working toward a dream in our retirement program of a vineyard and future winery in East Texas.

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Courtesy of heavenawaits.wordpress.com

A heart is a terrible thing to waste.
If one comes to you with this offering
do not scoff too quickly.
Love is a precious gift.
It is precious to the one who gives love
and very precious to the one who receives it.
Do not be hardened to this gift.
Accept this gift with kindness
and tenderness.
Love is the joy of life.
Love is the light of life.
Love is the soul of life.
Be thankful and gentle
in the receiving of love
even if this love
is not the love you seek.
Remember one day
you will be judged as a human.
You will be judged to the degree that you loved.
More importantly
how kindly you received love.
Love in its many forms
is God showing
His face to us.
A heart is a terrible thing to waste. 

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A Winter Scene from Cooperstown, N. Y.

Last year was a visit to the Carrol Clinic in Dallas.
My back and hip had been hurting me for some time.
The findings were not good.
A Class Four hip.
A crack in my spine bone.
Two disks in my spine fused together.
I knew when it happened.
A fall over ten years ago while attempting to trim a tree
in our front yard.
The fall at that time resulted in nine staples in my head
and eventual surgery on my knee.
The other injuries laid in wait.
My future in enjoying the rest of my life was in doubt
with the activities I enjoyed so much in my past.
My mind went back to Cooperstown in upstate New York.
I was sixteen and working the summer on a dairy farm.
It was part of the “Fresh Air Program” of New York City for young men.
I remembered the rolling hay wagon.
Throwing ninety pound bales of hay
eight tiers high on the wagon.
I remembered the muscles in my arms
my strong thin waist
with a tan equal to a black man.
We worked hard that Summer.
It was the “Haying Season.”
The work went fourteen hours a day
seven days a week for two and half months.
Looking back now
I now realize how really happy I was
each of those summer days in Cooperstown.  

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Courtesy of peaceinchrist.wordpress.com

I carved our initials in the Tree of Life.
What value has love in ‘death do us part?’
Is love a flash of light
in the long darkness of night?
Flesh to flesh in being born
then death without memory
unable to behold
to recall at will in deep detail.
Will thoughts become ashes
that are scattered in a soft wind?
My love to you dearest one
is forever more
upon the Tree of Eternal Life.
From the first garden
of eternal promise.
A promise of Love
never lost.
Love that is always remembered
in the heart of our Lord
that will never be lost
or forgotten
in the passing of time. 

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Courtesy of asmp.org "One of my favorite pictures off the internet."

Courtesy of asmp.org
“One of my favorite pictures off the internet.”

Who art thou that invades my nightly dreams?
You are a stranger to me.
Yet what you bring to me
is a yearning that beseeches me.
I long for yet fear your return.
My youthful soul remembering
another time from long ago
will not let my present go.
Caress me with kisses
that my lips cry and hunger for.
Is it wrong to hunger for signs of love?
They are not in abundance
in my current world. 
The mirror before me this morning
is a face unrecognizable to me.
Oh Youth Divine!
Where has Thou gone?
I await  your return.

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