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Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

I find myself at times crying without reason for the moment.
Suddenly thoughts flood into my mind from memories in my past.
This evening it was a memory of my Mother.
I had no thought of her in many years.
You see, my Mother was physically abusive
to both my Brother and I in our childhoods.
I had no emotions when word of death came
many years ago from my Brother.
When she was alive, every time I called her,
she would call me by my Brother’s name.
I knew then as I know now
she loved my younger Brother
above all others, including me. 
The memory that rushed upon me this evening
was remembering how my Mother smoked
one to two cigarettes a week.
She never inhaled on the cigarettes,
just puffed on them.
She got so much joy
from smoking on those cigarettes. 
These flooding thoughts from the past
are happening to me more often lately.
Perhaps it is knowing that my life
is coming to a close.
Truly all our days and moments on this earth
become more precious to all of us each day.
Thank you Lord for the gift of this life.

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