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Courtesy of thefallenknight.com

Your lips move forming words of love.
They seem to be words without substance.
I tried to believe in the truth of them.
I now realize you do not look upon me
as your Knight in shining armor.
Nothing can be sadder than not having love in life.
Still I believe in love.
I have seen glimpses of love in my life.
There were moments that such love
touched my life.

I now believe love in its real meaning
will be with my Lord.
I now understand
that in spite of all its sham
life teaches us
that love indeed
is a rare thing.
It is a gift 
that is given to a few.

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"Some Day" scene from Movie "Knight and Day" courtesy of mabui.com

It is my belief
that we all reach a place
in our lives
where a bucket list
in this world
no longer applies.
No I am not depressed.
Nor do I have a negative attitude
toward this physical life.
There was a strange thing
that happened to me
when I turned seventy this year.
Wisdom finally kicked me
in the ass.
I came to the realization
that many opportunities
came my way to fulfill
what was an ongoing
bucket list in my past years.
The list never was fulfilled.
I was too stupid to take advantage
of the many blessings
my Lord placed before me.
I now realize the bucket list
that I held for so long
will be the list of my
next life.
Still with each of my dreams
that were not a given in my life
I still thank my Lord and Savior
for the many blessings
He has rendered me.
I live in courage
with my Lord each day
in being prepared
for His calling.

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