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Author unknown. Courtesy of Google Image search.

Author unknown. Courtesy of Google Image search.

I deal with extreme pain each day.
I use to curse the pain
I no longer do
but rejoice
in overcoming it.
The pain comes from a fall
over eleven years ago
a fifteen foot fall from a ladder
into concrete
while trimming a tree.
The results were
a fracture in my spinal bone
three disks in my back crushed.
Each waking hour
of every day
is filled with constant pain
many times
to a point of agony.
The pain follows me
to bed at night
ever relentless
constantly disturbing
my sleep. 
Each morning as I awake
I rejoice in a new day
to the joy of my Lord‘s creations
and His Love for me.
This body but a temporary home
of the Loving spirit that my God
has created for me.
My thoughts each morning
turn to the Crucifixtion of my Lord.
Surely the total pain
I have felt these eleven years
would never equal the agony
He suffered in just
one day. 
Thank you
my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ
for the blessings of this day.
I know now
a place awaits
for me with You
in eternity. 

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