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It is the Christmas Season of 2014 here at Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas.  Today, I recall my long gone friends of many years.  Wherever you may both be this day,  remember this is one of your friends that misses you both terribly.
With the passing of time
I have come to realize that there are truly
spaces that are never filled
by the loss of friends who were very personal
to my mind and heart.
Through the years
do the memories of Cliff and Tom
constantly come to my mind.
Never are they dead in my heart.
I see each of them
special in their concern for me
as the friends they were to me
and yes the love they rendered to me.
Have they been replaced in the void left by their absence?
No one has accomplished that.
Cliff was the short, large man from the deep South
always with a tale of lesson and advice not wanted
but when given
seemed well placed.
He spoke of home and craw-fish
his Mother and his victories in life
never of his losses.
You knew he was special
a special person to know.
The same stories he related never got old
just deeper in meaning.
The straight-laced
IBM type of guy was Tom.
He seemed to have found victories too early in his life
burning, dying as a shooting star.
An anger was present about him that could never be explained.
Tom loved a good meal and good drinks.
Save the waiter or waitress who spoke too much while serving!
He was there to savor the moment
should it be his last.
As Tom’s life was coming to an end
he maintained his pride to the last minute in a VA hospital
wearing a blue blazer that no longer fit;
no one cared about his past.
I miss Tom’s advice to me,
his laughter at my watch
that he thought was such a great sales job
because I had to push a button
to tell time.
His loud laughter rang in the night
raising high his special drink
to wish me and all
the best of life.
I miss both of these men.
They were the special friends of a lifetime
never to be replaced.
They are in my heart each day
with the warmest of love to my dearest friends
Cliff and Tom.
Whenever you both may be
in the great wonder of it all
I am one person
who misses you both
oh……….. ever so much.

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