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Ronald Regan, one of greatest Presidents.  Picture courtesy of Google Search.

Ronald Regan, one of greatest Presidents. Picture courtesy of Google Search.



Following is a uTube presentation of President Regan, our “Last Great President.”  It is worth your time to click for the download.  Our last great hope to save our Nation from “Total Destruction” over the next two and half years is to “Impeach Obama.”

Click for download for uTube presentation:  http://youtu.be/QamMXGlknD8

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The Reblog program of WordPress is truly a wonderful tool to the die-hard, Hard-Right Republican that I am. It renders those who share my poetry and commentary blog nearing a true 53,000 hits (not made up hits by a percentage of WordPress members to basically sell their on-line goods) to share many more reasons that Obama needs to be Impeached. Our country will be completedly destroyed if Obama is alllowed to continue as the U.S. President for two and half more years. The true core of our nation in American loving citizens must insure that he does not continue his path of destruction for our Nation.

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illegalsmarchA new poll, just published by the Pew Research Center, on American Patriotism, shows some interesting, if not expected results. Rick Moran of americanthinker.com reports that

 A new study by the Pew Research Center that breaks down liberals and conservatives into 7 different groups, finds that those who identify as “solid liberals” don’t think much of you, or America, or “honor and duty” as core values.

The finding is contained in Pew’s new “Political Typology” report, which breaks Americans down into seven different categories — rather than the usual three. Among the seven categories, “solid liberals” are the only group in which a majority say they aren’t regularly proud to be Americans.

By contrast, more than seven in 10 “steadfast conservatives” and eight in 10 “business conservatives” say they are generally proud to be Americans.

The poll also shows many liberals don’t liken themselves to your average American. Just…

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Author unknown. Courtesy of Google Image search.

Author unknown. Courtesy of Google Image search.

I deal with extreme pain each day.
I use to curse the pain
I no longer do
but rejoice
in overcoming it.
The pain comes from a fall
over eleven years ago
a fifteen foot fall from a ladder
into concrete
while trimming a tree.
The results were
a fracture in my spinal bone
three disks in my back crushed.
Each waking hour
of every day
is filled with constant pain
many times
to a point of agony.
The pain follows me
to bed at night
ever relentless
constantly disturbing
my sleep. 
Each morning as I awake
I rejoice in a new day
to the joy of my Lord‘s creations
and His Love for me.
This body but a temporary home
of the Loving spirit that my God
has created for me.
My thoughts each morning
turn to the Crucifixtion of my Lord.
Surely the total pain
I have felt these eleven years
would never equal the agony
He suffered in just
one day. 
Thank you
my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ
for the blessings of this day.
I know now
a place awaits
for me with You
in eternity. 

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Our Vineyard "Silver Star Winery of Texas" coming into fruitation.  Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Our Vineyard “Silver Star Winery of Texas” coming into fruitation. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Log/trademark sign for Silver Star Winery of Texas copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Log/trademark sign for Silver Star Winery of Texas copyright 2014 John J. Rigo



Walk tenderly on my dreams
for my dreams are me
with my soul exposed.
Judge not
the worth of my hopes
nor the possibility of their reality. 
If you are without encouraging words
then seal your lips in speaking of my dreams.
Are we not without hope
when stripped of our dreams and aspirations?
Look to yourself and ask
when were your own dreams scattered against
the rocks of time?
Take not your anger
with yourself
against those
who still have hope.

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Courtesy of lomography.com

Commentary for July 2nd, 2013:  I recently had what I thought was a kind of angel come into my life.  I quickly found out it was one those mid forties “facebook-kind-of-freaks” who did not believe in phone calls or personal contacts with people but enjoyed the diversion of e-mail and texts and that was about it, in terms of relationships.  Both my wife and I tried to reach out to her with the hand of friendship but it was to no avail.  We certainly have come into a strange society where folks live more in the twilight zone than the real world.
Thru Seventy years of life on this world
there has been a few lessons of life
that were difficult to learn
Knowing the difference
between true friendships and Fair Weather Friends
was one of the hardest lessons of all.
In  discovering that vast difference in friendships
I believe we live in a form of self-denial
in realizing the differences.
I am now painfully aware
that the best friends I ever had
are now long dead.
Thank you Lord
for being to me
the friend that no other is.
As my Father once related to me
“One could live a lifetime and be able to count
the true friends they would have had
on one hand.”
I have been blessed in my lifetime
to have had two of those real friends
with now my Lord
as my constant Third. 

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"If I Could" a poem by Texas' Poet John J. Rigo

“If I Could” a poem by Texas’ Poet John J. Rigo,  Picture courtesy of Google Search

If I could
I would trade this moment in time
to have another chance
to be with you.
If I could
I would have made better choices
to keep you at my side.
If I could
I would have never let you go.
True love comes only once
in a lifetime.
I know that now.
If only I could.

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Courtesy  of jesussaves.com

Courtesy of jesussaves.com

My journey has been a long one
in the practice of my religious beliefs.
My start was born and raised as a Catholic.
I left the religion at age 22 due to a divorce
from a childhood sweetheart.
My journey continued
to the Baptist faith
the Methodist faith
the Presbyterian faith
to finally a little hole in wall
church in Tool Texas
called the “Olive Branch”
where the organizers claimed to be Messianic.
Slowly over time it was discovered
that the organizers of the church were false
to new members in their belief system.
They were actually Karaite Jews
who look upon Jesus as a fable. 
In their lie to new members
it was their plan to convert
those to their religion
who came into their mist.
Through this journey
my faith in My Lord and Savior
became even stronger.
I left their church
in the road trash they were
far behind me.
I was blessed in learning
the secret to eternal life
by these experiences.
Only by giving ourselves
up entirely to the Will and Plan
of Jesus Christ for us
will we be given the blessings of this life
and the eternal life before us. 
Insight:  It was along this journey
that I discovered a book I did not know.
It was called the Bible.
Each Saturday my wife and I
spent an average of two hours
reading from the new and old Testament.
A book it seems the Catholic religion
never hear of when I was a young man.
Following is a reading from Psalms I (1)
that we read this past Saturday.
It speaks of the Word
I meditate on each day:
“Happy the man who follows not
      the counsel of the wicked
Nor walks in the way of sinners,
      nor sits in the company of the
But delights in the law of the Lord
      and meditates on his law day and

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