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Courtesy of heavenawaits.wordpress.com

Courtesy of heavenawaits.wordpress.com

Seek out this day
a stranger to you
and one who does not know you.
If they are hungry
feed them.
If they are without a home
give them coin for a night’s lounging.
If they are without hope
and seek forgiveness
render them this prayer.
With your hand
upon their shoulder
say these words.
“Jesus I your humble servant
bring this soul before your presence.
They in their heart
seek your eternal forgiveness.
Forgiveness for their transgressions
in their life in not bringing honor to Your Name
and hurt and suffering to others.
Render them Your sweet Love
with Your forgiveness.
Render them release from pain
both physically and mentally.
If it be Your Will
render them prosperity
so that they too
may render Your forgiveness
and Blessings to others.
In the Sweet Name of Jesus

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