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Many have the belief
that there is perfection in this world.
It does not exist
on this earth and plane for us.
We are only privileged to see
feel and hear parts of perfection
but never the whole of perfection.
The pieces that represent
the beauty of God and heaven
are shown in glimpses each day
in our lives on this earth.
It is our soul that catches these flashes of eternity
and renders us the perfection of God.
It is through prayer
and centering ourselves
in the love of God
that we are privileged to gain knowledge
of the eternity that is before us.

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She stood naked before me in the bathroom.
Before me I can see her beauty
amidst the scars of her two battles.
Breast cancer
twice in a ten year period.
Her left breast was twisted almost inward.
The scar under her arm pit made her nipple
bend inward toward her chest wall.
Upon her right breast the burn was clearly seen.
It was where six weeks of radiation were done
in one week. 
The right side was caved inward in this area of burn.
Her nipple stood straight high and proud on this breast. 
This was the breast that the doctor suggested
that she also have chemo due to her second bout.
Her hair had long grown back from this terror
of a heart-wrenching attack on her entire body.
As she smiled at me
and kissed the top of my head.
I thanked my Lord
for putting this beautiful
and strong woman
in my life.   

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If I could speak the right words of endearment
would you rush to be at my side?
Have we not been seeking the same dream
a dream yet unfounded in our time
upon this world?
If I could speak the right words
I would tell you how long I have been seeking you.
The space in my heart was never filled by others
for they were not you
my love.
If I could speak the right words
they would tell you that I will immediately know
it is you
when you are before me.
The moment that our eyes will meet
we will know
we finally found each other.
If I could speak the right words of endearment
they would tell you of the eternity that I have spent
in seeking you.
A half soul
a lost wanderer
a knight without a grail
have I been.
Complete my being.
Awaken at my side
make us one.
Never to be alone again
for the eternity
that is still before us.

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Courtesy of Agung888 
My gift to you is neither gold or silver.
Diamonds can never hold the light of this gift.
Pearls will will never glow beyond the of this gift.
It is everlasting and eternal.
Within the gift is enclosed the song of angels.
Another part of the gift is the gentle breath of God
given in love to his creatures.
In many ways this gift has life within it
as it changes and grows.
My only valued possession of priceless value is this gift.
I give you this gift freely without restraint.
Beyond death it will always be yours.
I give thee my love my love. 

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I am only for you.
A kiss given here
or a caress there.
Together our lives are a bouquet
marked by each petal of love
gently falling away
to our time together.

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Picture couresy of Bing


Multicolored lighting amidst the sound
of rhythmic thunder pounded the huge hall.
The laughter and droning noises had a hollow metallic sound.
The human Ferris wheel was in motion around the center spoke.
Quick glaces, smiles…some real
other’s set in concrete faces.
There was quiet desperation set in the eyes of many.
Touching in passing moments of movement
were soft warm bodies
pressed against arms
hips brushing fingertips.
Out of loneliness did I seek this place
a passenger on a self-made time machine.
I am tired of too many futures coming to this moment.
I want the warmth of my youth.
Child-book romance where just the touch of a hand
freezes time in its beauty.
Primitive drums change tempo
the words are lost to the sensation of physical self.
Reality is moved to the edge of pulsating light beneath
the feet of bodies in tune with the sound.
Paired dancers locked in self-love
unaware of each other.
A checkerboard of kings and queens without mates
in a game without end. 
Surrender whispers the voice within.
A reflection on a mirrored wall looks intently
at a standing figure.
A misplaced look of aging shown in
salt and peppered hair with growing signs of age
around the eyes.
The dream of youth shatters.
The Guardian of Time Present
leaves through the portal marked “Exit.”
The dream is no more.

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Courtesy of vi.sualize.us

It was an open house of a new resident in the community.
I sat on point near a corner of the room
a kind of observation post of those coming into the room.
There you stood looking at me from afar.
There was a blackberry in your hand texting someone.
You came and sat next to me.
You asked me if the room seemed warm.
You told me your hands were sweating.
I explained that I got a kind of butterflies when I met new people.
I learned through disciple long ago to overcome being uncomfortable.
Forty years in sales changes many things about an individual.
You could not be more than eighteen
brown hair and the deepest of brown eyes.
You kept looking a me strangely
like you had always knew me.
A memory came to my mind.
It was my childhood bride of eighteen.
You looked very much like her.
Her eyes were also Brown. 
I remembered how I felt about her.
I loved her in a special deep way.
There is something about a first love
that always makes it special in memories through life.
I saw her in you
the hair
the eyes
the way you smiled at me.
We talked of college and your first year.
The difficulties you were having with some of your studies.
You said goodby in a formal way and left.
It was like you leaving again.
I think of you often and those early days
in my life that we shared as two lost children together.
There always will be something special about you
and those days in my mind
many years ago.
Take care my love
wherever you may be this day.
Remember that I still think of you
and yes in my way
I still love you.

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Courtesy of fineart.com

I closed my eyes:
The after-image of her was printed on the backside of my mind
the look of her neck bent backward
eyes closed.
That beautiful curve from her neck
to the tip of her breast.
There was a hint of sunrise
upon the horizon of her smile.
As a spirit I loved her
unaware of my own physical feelings.
It seemed I could not satisfy my need
to give her my love.
The flow seemed forever.
From moment to moment I explored her
no part untouched
or savored.
There was no shame in loving her.
We were eternal spirits
reunited in the flesh of our eternity.
I opened my eyes:
I am haunted by her
for the image remains.

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Courtesy of greenprophet.com

As I reach the early twilight of my years
I find myself constantly asking myself
“Is there such a thing as happiness?”
My mind seems to look back
more than forward.
I find myself remembering days of laughter
and a certain freedom.
I go back into my past
remembered days when I was happy.
It seemed in those days
there was an element of simplicity to my life.
In different ways
I try and reach for those moments in the present.
It is like reaching for life’s brass ring
the moments are rarely there.
The price of reality and maturity is a heavy one.
The understanding of youth wasted on the young
now makes sense.
I look into the mirror
what looks back
an old man.
In my heart
there still lies the youth of my past
ever playful.
I am alive with joy
in the anticipation of each day.
Is this truly now
what life is all about?


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It seems just like yesterday that Elis died.
In all the years that have passed since that sad day
he is still in my heart.
His passion
his being
his songs spoke of my own feelings.
You see
I grew up with him.
I remember being blessed in seeing him in person.
It was Dallas 1975.
I had a tenth row seat.
I could see the sweat on his forehead.
For months afterward
I had dreams of that time
I got to spend with him.
There will never be another Elvis.

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