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Courtesy of aboveandbeyonddautism.blogspot.com

The Master‘s hands were strong and hard
from years of work as a carpenter
just like his father.
The creation of His hands had a gentle quality
such as the toy camel and shepherd
He was crafting this night.
His sister had begged Him to make a toy for her child.
With love and humor He worked several nights.
In the back of the villa the room was small and cramped
making the carving difficult as the oil lamp light flickered.
Entering the doorway with a quiet sweep of the door blanket
came His sister’s oldest son.
Many questions burned in the mind
of this young man on this night.
Quietly he approached the Master
so as to not disturb His carving.
The young man whispered,
“Master do you have time to speak with me?”
Gently and with love the Master set the little wooden carving
aside and reached for the boy’s shoulder saying,
“What is troubling you this night
son of my sister?”
The boy replied,
“I am afraid about death
and where I will go when I die
since no one alive
has ever been to the place that dead people go
and returned
how am I to know what to expect?”
With patience and the deepest of kindness
toward the concerns of the young man
the Master spoke,
“Telling humanity of the world beyond death
would be like explaining
the sight of sunrise or sunset to a person
who had always been blind.”
He further explained,
“Beyond our lifetime is a world inconceivable
to the senses of man
beyond every gift rendered in this world around us. 
It is a world of being
in the midst of eternal love
and never fearing again.
It is knowing light beyond any light
we now know of in this world.
It is never being alone again
but cherished in the arms of a mother.
So will it be in the arms of our God
forever in eternal love
peace and happiness.”
So He spoke to me
the Master of my life.  


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Courtesy of mcguirehimself.com

Courtesy of mcguirehimself.com

Chains of sorrow upon my neck
reaching for the ones I knew
unable to touch.
A slight breath of air
words spoken
but not heard.
My world is full of “If I could’s”
no clock to turn back on my regrets.
I offer only a prayer to my unseen God
to let this end.
I say to you
there is no time left
but the time of this moment.
Time to forgive
time to say, “I love you.”
Time to give of yourself
for all that you could have done
with this precious thing called Life.
In so doing
perhaps you not also be
on this ghostly path
that may never end for me.

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Courtesy of relate.com

Courtesy of relate.com

I remember a young woman I dated over forty-five years ago. 
She was a consigliere for a major hotel on Stemmons.
Sex with her was like making love in a movie.
She would cover her body with baby oil
before getting on top of me.
She had one of the most beautiful bodies
I had ever seen on a woman.
Her body glistened as she moved on top of me.
Perhaps it was the way she titled her head upward
as her eyes rolled over in squeezing my organ tightly.
Ah…those days of pure sex.
There never be days and nights
like that again.

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Courtesy of favena.blogspot.com

Courtesy of favena.blogspot.com

At times it would be nice
to have a pair of magic red shoes.
Just clicking them together three times
would do the trick.
Suddenly I would be transported
to wherever my mind of memory
would wish to go.
At this very moment
I could easily think of a dozen places
I would love to be at this moment.
Each time frame
would place me at a time and place
where I felt greatly loved.
Where there was a skip in my step
and a constant grin on my face.
I can easily bring to mind
scenes of such places in my past.
Skipping through a mall with her
like a school child.
Dancing with her
for the first time
with my arm around her waist. 
Ah yes then their were those
first kisses
always soft
always remembered
always joyful
in the way those kisses went to my toes.
Truthly knowing what I know now
would I have taken more time
to savor every moment.
Time in remembering every detail
of the places of my youth
where my magic red shoes
would have taken my heart.  

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“The Kiss before the Battle with Evil”
Picture Courtesy of pathguy.com

I awoke
as from a sleep
of death.
Long gentle fingers
were rubbing my forehead
the side of my face
touching my lips.
As my eyes opened
I knew I was no longer
on my prior world of earth.
Before me I beheld
a beautiful maiden
of golden hair
skin of cream and light
eyes of blue/grey and gold.
There was no fear within me.
I was at a place where I was meant to be.
I was home in a castle of my Lord‘s place for me.
My eyes gazed upon my body.
Upon me where plates of armour.
Gold-Silver and various jewels
incrusted upon them.
As the maiden raised my head
I observed the symbols upon my breast-plate.
In the middle in Gold was a Lion.
On each side of it were Dragons
standing with their feet gently
touching the Lion.
Above the Lion
flew a Golden Eagle
with wings of silver.
My armour gleamed
from head to toe
in this beautiful creation.
What battle has my Lord
prepared for me in this place?
Who was this maiden
who touches me with a loving touch?
The maiden spoke,
“My Lord, Evil awaits for battle.
Prepare thyself.”

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Needed:  Handyman/woman crew for McKinney, Texas.

Needed: Handyman/woman crew for McKinney, Texas.

I am seeking a “Handyman Three-man Crew” for McKinney, Texas.  The requirements of the crew is that the lead man be fully skilled in all aspects of home improvement work.  The lead individual should also be a worker and not a pointing type supervisor constantly on cell calls for new business.  The lead man/woman should be capable of doing electrical, plumbing, painting, drywall. His or Hers two helpers should also be semi-skilled.  Hispanic help is acceptable, so long the individuals are trustworthy and have no criminal records.

I will require an hourly rate for the total crew “turn-key” with no up-charges for driving to our home or gas expenses.  The purpose of the work will be to prep a 3,900 square foot home on the Eldorado Golf Course for future sale.  The work will be required over a period of a month in at least six three to four-hour increments. 

Officially, the individual and crew that did this type of work previously for me has been terminated as of March 25th, 2013.  He was with me for fifteen years and remodeled over five properties for me during that period including the new Samaritan Inn of McKinney, Texas (one of my charity-centered projects). 

Contact John J. Rigo at 469-450-4144.  If no answer leave voice mail.  Most voice mail calls returned within minutes.

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Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church http://www.stjohnsashfield.org.au, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been blessed by being loved by many woman.
The love I shared came over a lifetime of seventy plus years.
Each of these loves brought an aspect of God to my heart.
As a man I grew with each experience of being in Love.
Each were comforting fires on cold nights of my life.
Each experience brought me closer to the truth of life.
I now know that upon my death
I will rejoin the ultimate love of my life.
That Love will be Jesus Christ
Lord and Savior of my life.
If in your own life
you should be blessed in being loved by another
treat that love with the gentle hand of kindness.
Be not unkind toward love or resentful of love
but thankful each day that love is given to you.
Love is but the gentle breath of God upon your soul. 

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Courtesy of asmp.org

Courtesy of asmp.org

I am glad I am here to remember this moment.
There were dreams that I did not want to awake from.
There were days with those that I knew truly loved me.
They were days I did not want to end.
At times in the remembering there are tears.
The tears are not from sadness
but for the happiness of the moment.
Will those dreams ever come again to me?
I think not for the flowers of youth bloom but once in our memories.
Precious memories that we hold on tightly close to our hearts.
Thank you for this day in my gift of rememberance.

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Courtesy AngelsByEve.com

It was one of those days that nothing seemed to be going right.

My mind filled with racing thoughts

going different ways

Questions, questions with seemly no answers

as I pushed through the crowd

of wherever I was going.

Suddenly  in my own world

I looked up

and there you were

passing me ever so quickly.

The smile that you gave me took my breath away.

A stranger’s smile in a maddening world. 

There was such kindness in that smile of yours.

The warmest of feelings overcame me.

Peace and Joy was brought to my racing heart.

Long after you were gone

I tried to remember

what you looked like.

Were your eyes Blue or Brown?

All that remained in my mind’s eye

was the memory of that very special and endearing smile.

A smile that brought a smile to my own lips.

With a nod of my head

I gave thanks and appreciation

for this gift from a stranger.


Long after this time

a strange thought came to my mind.

Could angels be walking this earth

to remind each of us

that love can be

the gift of  the day? 


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Courtesy of jennfrancesca.blogspot.com

It was a long time ago that I hear this story about “Forgiveness.”
It was said that when we ask God for forgiveness
then all memory of our sin is totally removed from the memory of God.
What a beautiful thought
to think that the creator of everything
can wipe His Eternal Mind of all memory of our transgressions
once we seek His forgiveness.
Each day of my life
I am constantly amazed
in how many claim to follow the Lord.
Yet in their daily actions
as so-called Christians
their hearts are not truly sincere.
Remember this day
to be the Christian you claim to be.
When the one closest to you reviews their past in conversation
please do not take joy in reminding them of their past sins.
If God can forgive and forget
then you should also be able to do the same.

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