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The Master‘s hands were strong and hard
from years of work as a carpenter
just like his father.
The creation of His hands had a gentle quality
such as the toy camel and shepherd
He was crafting this night.
His sister had begged Him to make a toy for her child.
With love and humor He worked several nights.
In the back of the villa the room was small and cramped
making the carving difficult as the oil lamp light flickered.
Entering the doorway with a quiet sweep of the door blanket
came His sister’s oldest son.
Many questions burned in the mind
of this young man on this night.
Quietly he approached the Master
so as to not disturb His carving.
The young man whispered,
“Master do you have time to speak with me?”
Gently and with love the Master set the little wooden carving
aside and reached for the boy’s shoulder saying,
“What is troubling you this night
son of my sister?”
The boy replied,
“I am afraid about death
and where I will go when I die
since no one alive
has ever been to the place that dead people go
and returned
how am I to know what to expect?”
With patience and the deepest of kindness
toward the concerns of the young man
the Master spoke,
“Telling humanity of the world beyond death
would be like explaining
the sight of sunrise or sunset to a person
who had always been blind.”
He further explained,
“Beyond our lifetime is a world inconceivable
to the senses of man
beyond every gift rendered in this world around us. 
It is a world of being
in the midst of eternal love
and never fearing again.
It is knowing light beyond any light
we now know of in this world.
It is never being alone again
but cherished in the arms of a mother.
So will it be in the arms of our God
forever in eternal love
peace and happiness.”
So He spoke to me
the Master of my life.  


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