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Courtesy of jesussaves.com

As I approach the twilight time of my life
the answer has come to an important question.
The question deals with the pain, the suffering, the depression
that we all must deal with 
in our elder years.
Why should our minds
or our physical bodies deteriorate in such a way?
In tearful recall of our youth
is that all we are left with?
I thought of Jesus
my Lord and Savior
I thought of His suffering before His death.
There is much about this world that can bring
happiness and blessings.
There are many things that our physical bodies
wish not to depart from in this world.
Whether it be the beauty created by our God
or the love connections
that are so important to us.
Could our suffering be but a gift from our Lord?
A way to make the release easier from this physical world?
Perhaps in the suffering is the blessing
in knowing we are going to
a far happier place in our eternity.

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