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Courtesy of withgratitudeandgrace.com

It is time to reflect on your life.
So you feel you have done a good job of being in control?
Did you ever believe that God had a plan for your life?
Were you too busy, too self-absorbed, too important
to listen to God’s whispers in your ear?
In comparing time in its length
which do you think is longer
eternity or the length of your own lifespan?
Has the thought ever entered your mind
that your Creator is not pleased with you?
Do you think today
would be a great day to change your life?
Are you ready today
to Let Go and Let God be in charge?

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Courtesy of wn.com

There is nothing more devastating
then someone you have loved beyond all others
tells you they do not love you.
Suddenly the person before you
is a complete stranger.
You can feel your heart breaking
into a million pieces.
You know you deserve better than that
from the one you protected and cared for
over many years. 
Why does life seem so cruel when one finds themselves
turning away from
the person they thought of
as their best friend? 
To have this happen as one finds themselves
in their golden years is especially cruel.
Truly life on this earth
can be such a sad thing. 

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