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The meal was simple
one of bread, fruits, and vegetables from the field.
The conversation was good-natured
and spirited among the men.
He sat among them quietly
with a smile of love upon His gentle face.
These men had been with Him for many months.
They were closer than His brothers of birth.
He called to the server for a bowl of water
and a simple cloth to wash His hands.
They stopped speaking and turned to Him.
They knew the time to listen had come.
With courage the one closest to Him asked,
“Master, how am I to know the face of evil?”
The Serpent takes many forms,” said the Master.
He placed His hands together
each fingertip touching the other
forming a circle.
“Within this circle appears air
and nothing to fear
but I say unto you
the Serpent can take any shape or form
seeminly without consequences of punishment or terror,”
said the Master.
“At the beginning of eternity
when my Father make your souls
an awareness of knowing evil.
He rendered to your souls an eternal power against evil.
When my inner voice speaks to you
know then
my brothers
evil is next to you.”
The Masters‘ eyes lifted upward
and cautioned,
“Only by crying out your God‘s name
will you be protected from Evil.”
Then He lowered His head sadly lamenting,
“To ignore this warning will place you in the hold
of the serpent
and you may become forever lost.
So I say to you
your heavenly Master and Father
I love you beyond the value or joys of this world.
Keep your faith
and ye shall be with us
in love and light in eternity.”
so He spoke to me,
the Master of my life. 

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