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Courtesy AngelsByEve.com

It was one of those days that nothing seemed to be going right.

My mind filled with racing thoughts

going different ways

Questions, questions with seemly no answers

as I pushed through the crowd

of wherever I was going.

Suddenly  in my own world

I looked up

and there you were

passing me ever so quickly.

The smile that you gave me took my breath away.

A stranger’s smile in a maddening world. 

There was such kindness in that smile of yours.

The warmest of feelings overcame me.

Peace and Joy was brought to my racing heart.

Long after you were gone

I tried to remember

what you looked like.

Were your eyes Blue or Brown?

All that remained in my mind’s eye

was the memory of that very special and endearing smile.

A smile that brought a smile to my own lips.

With a nod of my head

I gave thanks and appreciation

for this gift from a stranger.


Long after this time

a strange thought came to my mind.

Could angels be walking this earth

to remind each of us

that love can be

the gift of  the day? 


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