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There are times that I remember what it was like to not awake each day in pain. Times where I had pain as a constant companion each waking moment of each day. Still I am blessed in having each day to praise His Name.

Texas Poetry

Last year was a visit to the Carrol Clinic in Dallas.
My back and hip had been hurting me for some time.
The findings were not good.
A Class Four hip.
A crack in my spine bone.
Two disks in my spine fused together.
I knew when it happened.
A fall over ten years ago while attempting to trim a tree
in our front yard.
The fall at that time resulted in nine staples in my head
and eventual surgery on my knee.
The other injuries laid in wait.
My future in enjoying the rest of my life was in doubt
with the activities I enjoyed so much in my past.
 My mind went back to Cooperstown in upstate New York.
I was sixteen and working the summer on a dairy farm.
It was part of the “Fresh Air Program” of New York City for young men.

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