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John J. Rigo A/lC, Registry custodian, Cosmic Top Secret Registry for ICEDEFOR from June 62' to June 63'

Your lips will move, and rendered me praise,
this Memorial Day.
Yet the words you will speak,
will not be from your heart.
You see,
you are a Democratic Liberal.   
In your youth,
you became a professional student,
in order to avoid serving your country.
The truth is,
you feel anyone who serves,
is a fool.
You feel differently than my Father,
in his own love of our country.
My Father came to his country,
at age sixteen,
on a boat to Ellis Island,
from Northern Italy.
My Father had three goals,
they were to seek,
“Honest work,
learn to speak English,
and to become,
an American citizen.”
My Father felt it was a privilege,
to be an American Citizen
of this great nation.
Today, I look about me,
at the millions who came to my country,
and without any desire,
to seek honest work,
or speak our language,
or ever to become American citizens.
As head leader of our Nation,
you travel the world,
apologizing for the glory of our Nation.
To those who have worked hard,
lived within their means,
watch their own children serve our country;
you ask them to share their hard-earned living,
with those,
who hate our country,
have no work ethic,
nor honor toward others.
Your policies are destroying the fabric of our country.  
My fellow citizens,
who I have served,
with honor for my country,
do not let this continue and happen to
our country.
Step up,
at the voting booth,
this coming November in 2012.
“Let us take back our country,
from those who do not love her.”

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The Old McKinney Square is gone.
The place of adventure and discovery,
that I found in 1970,
as a young man.
My background was of one born in New York City.
I had no trinkets or heirlooms from my past.
Old decaying Brownstones in Harlem had no such things,
especially from the poor family of an iron and steel worker.
I discovered the joy of collecting antiques,
on the Old McKinney Square in those days.
The collecting became a passion for me,
as I called each antique a precious find.
There was a magic in those crowded,
dusty shelves, packed with hidden mystery.
Each shop owner, and each dealer,
became first name friends,
with a smile and greeting,
as I searched,
a part of each day. 
It was about 2001,
that my quests were no more,
for you see,
I ran out of space for those treasures. 
Today in another May in 2010,
added to my life,
I decided to again,
visit my Old McKinney Square.
The warm friendly faces,
that I once knew,
where gone into the dusty trail of time.
The crowded shelves of discovery were no more.
The store fronts were new,
Their new chic names in Gold letters on them.
The antiques were new,
made to look old.
They lacked a certain warmth,
and history in their shiny new look.
My heart filled with sadness,
for I then realized,
I too would soon be gone,
as the Old McKinney Square is gone,
never remembered,
but forgotten,
as all my sweet memories,
of joys past,
will also be gone,
into the eternal sunset.

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So, let me see if I understand this,
“When our memory goes, who we are, then goes?
There is something deeply heart-breaking about that.
How do we measure our progress as humans,
when our previous memories are no longer?
Are we truly blessed with an Eternal mind of Spirit,
where our memories are never lost?
How will our God judge us,
if there is no recall of our sins,
or our glories in His name?
Is this when trusting God is so important?
Trusting that He will return to us,
our precious memories of the gifts of this life?
I can only hope so.
For without my memories of you,
would this life seemed without purpose.

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