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The Old McKinney Square is gone.
The place of adventure and discovery,
that I found in 1970,
as a young man.
My background was of one born in New York City.
I had no trinkets or heirlooms from my past.
Old decaying Brownstones in Harlem had no such things,
especially from the poor family of an iron and steel worker.
I discovered the joy of collecting antiques,
on the Old McKinney Square in those days.
The collecting became a passion for me,
as I called each antique a precious find.
There was a magic in those crowded,
dusty shelves, packed with hidden mystery.
Each shop owner, and each dealer,
became first name friends,
with a smile and greeting,
as I searched,
a part of each day. 
It was about 2001,
that my quests were no more,
for you see,
I ran out of space for those treasures. 
Today in another May in 2010,
added to my life,
I decided to again,
visit my Old McKinney Square.
The warm friendly faces,
that I once knew,
where gone into the dusty trail of time.
The crowded shelves of discovery were no more.
The store fronts were new,
Their new chic names in Gold letters on them.
The antiques were new,
made to look old.
They lacked a certain warmth,
and history in their shiny new look.
My heart filled with sadness,
for I then realized,
I too would soon be gone,
as the Old McKinney Square is gone,
never remembered,
but forgotten,
as all my sweet memories,
of joys past,
will also be gone,
into the eternal sunset.

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