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Our Beloved "Mickey" the oldest of our two pets.

Our Beloved “Mickey” the oldest of our two pets.

This poem was orginally posted on January 1st, 2012.
This coming January 5th, 2015, it will be three years since we lost our pets on that terrible day. Even though we have since been blessed by four new birds given to us, nothing will ever replace Mickey and Minnie.
Update on January 5th, 2012:  This past Wednesday night at 10 p.m., Channel Eight News at WFAA.com did a news piece on this story by reporter, Jobin Panicker.  It seems that this Frigidaire Gallery Electric stove is a “Killer” with the “self-clean” option engaged.  It is our belief that this option when engaged may have been the killer of many babies, older senior and pets over the years.  We believe the manufacturer of these products with the Telfon coatings have kept a low profile on these unreported deaths due to this malfunction and coating.   Following is the Link to that Channel Eight Dallas/Ft. Worth TV Story with full video:
Today we lost our Beloved Pets.
Mickey was the oldest of our two blue and gold parrots.
He was seventy-one in human years.
We had Mickey for over twenty-four years.
Minnie was fifty in human years.
We had her for over seventeen years.
We loved these two bird dearly.
They were our beloved family.
They were irreplaceable in our hearts.
The accident was tragic.
They were on their bird stands in our great room.
It was our beloved lake house on Cedar Creek Lake in Texas.
We had the new electric stove for a short while.
The night before my wife fixed a punkin pie for friends.
It was a New Years party and the home of our friends.
The pie boiled and overflowed in the oven.
This morning with the birds in room
my wife turned on the “self-clean” feature.
Within an hour the birds acted strangely
like they could not breath.
We rushed them both to the front
porch while they were grasping for breath.
They both died with minutes of each other.
We love Mickey and Minnie with all our hearts.
Our lives will never be the same without them. 

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