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Age seventeen, top row, third from left.

What time never erases
is memories of a first love.
A sweetness of innocence never regained again.
It was a brief five minutes that our eyes met that summer day.
I a young man with the blue uniform of a brand new Air Force Recruit.
Tall strong and youthful at seventeen
still in the midst of basic training at an Air Force Base.
You at sixteen with a beauty that was clear and eternal of the moment.
My bus was leaving,
the connection of our eyes was unmistakenable.
In just minutes we swore a forever love between us.
Truly that moment was a magic
that will never be again.
Two parts of a universe
meeting in a most unlikely place.
It has been fifty-one years since that meeting.
Still I remember you from time to time
in such vivid detail.
I wish you Love in the journey you took beyond
the days of our permanent separation
five years latter.
Was I then a vessel of a lost ship
for a very long time.
The haunting of a First Love
never leaves Love’s Way.

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