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I find myself lately thinking more and more of my past. At the end of this year my life will undergo a great change. I will have to let go of a home that I dearly love where my primary home is currently located in McKinney, Texas. I will be moving from a city home to a country home in the form of a farm in East Texas. It will be to pursue a dream that my wife has had for many years. I can only hope that her decision to leave our city home, the only real home I have known for over forty years, will be the right direction for our lives.  Lord bless my soon to be journey.

Texas Poetry

Often I think of you
in the time of our youth
when it was just us.
Sunshine glowed when we were together.
The grief of our former lives made us a pair.
Then our lives were simpler
filled with few things
but rich in much love.
Somethimes I wonder if you think of me on occasion.
Did you put aside
as I have
the separation of our love
the anger
the hurt
that we both suffered?
Beauty is in those memories.
The thoughts of us at that time are sweeter
and more beautiful when they cross my mind.
In daydreams of simpler times
my thoughts question where you are now
and did you find happiness?
Did you have the children
that we never had?
Althought many years have passed
I send to you my love from a former time
with blessing for your…

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