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The following poem was written on the afternoon of 9-11.  It relates to the sorrow and pain of our country losing loved ones in a senseless killing of innocence in the deaths of 2,973.

“Red, White and Blue” copyright 9-11-2001 John J. Rigo

Red, White and Blue are the colors before me on this day.

It will be a day remembered by numbers used to summon help.

Nine, One and One, bring only the recall of white dust,

rock, and twisted steel in a sea of sorrow.

Can these tears wash away the pain

that this day brings?

Tears shed for those we love and are no more.

I cry out for my Brothers and Sisters in the depth of pain

that befalls their hearts.

Could there be a greater sin,

then a day so dark?

I think not.

I pray for peace, comfort, and hope,

for the souls rejoined with my Lord this day.

Red, White and Blue,

I cling to thee for hope, peace,

and healing in Thee.

For Thou are the only One,

Who can bring sense to this gruesome day of pain.


Personal Story:  I was born and raised in New York City.  My younger, and only brother, Richard Rigo of Smithtown, New York worked as a building engineer within blocks of ground zero.  He commuted every day to his building in the city from Smithtown.

On the morning of the attacks, my concern was for his safety.  Blessfully, he was on his way to work when the attacks began.  He returned home safely.

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I awoke this morning,
with the warmth, taste, and smell of my dreams,
still lingering upon my body.
My lips were still moving in formed words,
of forgiveness, on my part,
with a request for forgiveness of those,
whose warmth I felt upon me.
I awoke with a joy,
and a sadness,
beyond words to describe.
I felt the need to tell of this dream,
this past night.
It was a dream of forgiveness,
forgiveness of the past.
A rejoining of old loves,
long gone from today,
but not forgotten.
The joy of reuniting was pure,
and without hurt.
The embraces were real.
The words of happiness real.
There was no bitterness,
other than the sweetness of memories from the past.
We had long forgiven each other,
for our past hurts.
Hurts rendered,
by our own lacking of thought.
The joy of the moment,
was all that was important.
I fought to hold on to those moments.
I did not want to let them go.
Moments of love, happiness,
revisited from days past.
Is this what love and happiness is all about,
in its reincarnation from the past?
Is this what the past-over in death,
to another life, is all about?
A new life with forgiveness,
behind us, and only joy before us?
If it is so, then I face death with hope and joy.
No longer will I have,
the dark fear that use to follow me.
Thank you Lord,
for giving me insight this day,
from the visits of my night.
I face this new day,
seeking new signs,
of my Lord’s Love for me. 

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"There is a Place in My Heart for You"

There is a message in my heart for you.  It is written by my Lord, Jesus Christ.  He compels me to render this message to you.

You are My creation from my very own heart.
I Love you beyond all eternity.
I have made a place for you to always be with Me.
Never will you fear again,
or know of sorrow.
You will never be alone again.
You will spent  eternity in the mist of everlasting love.
Take My hand,
step into the darkness with courage.
In so doing,
will the joy of light,
be before you.


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