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“Mustard Seed Budget” is another one of my faithful followers. We agreed on many things when it comes to religious belief, especially in the belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I have huge disagreements with some of his insights about God. For one I do not believe God is a “Punisher” of humans in order for them to crawl back to Him. “What harm we do in life, in the majority of cases, we do to ourselves” is my way of belief. Other than that I believe this WordPress blog has much wisdom to give to us all and is truly worth reading and following.

Mustard Seed Budget

restoration Little Ismael, one of Carlos’ kids.

a time to gather stones together — Eccelesiastes 3:5

The pieces of our lives get scattered. Either things explode by themselves, or we make poor choices and squander the good gifts God gave us.

When we are angry at God, He waits patiently for us. Sometimes, we have to be broken to come to God humbly. Then He begins to pick up the pieces of our lives.

God sent me to Guatemala on a mission that I didn’t originally know what for. But it was for restoration.

Carlos opted out of the church. He was hit with the double whammy of church rules and bubbling hormones. The hardness has melted now. His mother died a month ago. Elisa was a powerful force for years to help build the church. Carlos has finally taken over his dad’s bread bakery and is trying to be the…

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