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Cover of J. Edgar Hoover's book, "Master's of Deceit"  Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

Cover of J. Edgar Hoover’s book, “Master’s of Deceit” Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

First I wish to apologise to my WordPress followers who seem to enjoy my poetry.  I know lately my Commentary posts may seem excessive, but necessary to assist in a “wake-up call” to my fellow neighbors and followers on WordPress.

It is my personal opinion that we are now in the “Darkest of Times in the History of the United States.”  As a nation, we are being conquered from within by President Obama and his Democratic administration.  The threat has gone beyond 9/11 and its terrorist threat to our county.  A threat that has formulation by foreign interests in destroying our way of life and splitting the assets of the middle class to a now lower class of slaves that eventually will serve the Reign of Obama, or what will be the foundation of our government after the term expiration of President Obama.

My theory regarding the NSA is not from a factual source, but from my own knowledge base from my youth.  It is called putting “Two and Two together.”  As a young man of seventeen in his first year of a four-year enlistment in the Air Force, one of my first college courses thru the American University, dealt with extensive study of the Communist Party for a term paper.  I actually took a week of leave time to complete the project.  One of my main sources of about eleven books that I researched and read on Communism was  J. Edgar Hoover’s book titled, “Master of Deceit.”

The main premise of Hoover’s book that it was discovered then by the FBI that the Communist Party of Russia had thousands of cells across America when their agents had daily assignments to hand-write letters to various policy makers and congress personnel affecting their votes.  Their goal was to form a census of what seem “Public Opinion” in order to further the ultimate aims of the Communist Party in their ultimate aim over possibly dozens of years, take over of America internally, without having to even “Fire a Shot.”

What I observed is that the Obama administration has used the same methods over the last five years in their use of NSA in not only listening but also actually having their personnel posting comments across the internet supporting Obama and his administration.  As one takes a closer look at these postings and the attacks by these posters against conservative Republicans, one can easily see a pattern forming in this planned media control actually in place. 

So what is the solution to this threat to our Nation?  We as loving middle class members and citizens of the United States need to move forward with courage and overcome our own fears of retribution by the Obama administration and let our voice speak out as one,  on-line posters demanding the removal of Obama as our President and voting out the entire Democratic Party.  To my way of thinking, second best of the Republican Party then no Democracy at all!  We must continue to have our voices heard in the internet which was once our pen and ignore the paid character attack Goon Division of the NSA and their attacks against us. 

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